Hot Right Now: Hand Spinners

You know what is raging hot at the moment? Hand spinners! With stress levels reaching new heights everyday, hand spinners are here to stay. They are the perfect way to decompress yourself. You can take them anywhere, fidget with them anytime. No need to click a pen, or restlessly shake your legs.

So why do you need a hand spinner?

It not only combats stress but also helps to fight Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and fidgetiness.

Its lightweight and easy to carry. Fidget with it anytime, anywhere.

Perfect accompaniment in parties.

Suitable for children too.

Its a  funny decompression toy suitable for birthday parties, costume parties, etc.

Keep your hands busy and your mind clear.

There are so many hand spinners on the market right now that it has become quite a task to choose one of them. So why own one? Buy as many as you like! Each a different characteristic, which makes it a must have. Below I am listing some of my favourites.

The spinner itself is grey, However it glows in the dark as shown in the picture. Its a beautiful piece perfect for defocussing your mind.

A focus toy with colour changing, flashing LED lights. Spin it instead of clicking a pen or flipping a lighter. Each LED orb produces a continuously changing stream of light when spun.

The perfect focus toy for killing time. A unique gift for your friend. Easy to carry, fiddle with it anytime, anywhere.

Fidget silently instead of clicking a pen or flipping a lighter.
Hollow out floral shaped metal fidget spinner. Colourful electroplated surface spinner. Suitable for kids upto 3 years old.

The best part? Sammydress offers #FreeShippingWorldwide for these hand spinners!

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