How to combat stress?

In this tough world, we are often caught up in so many things. Targets at work, conflicts in personal life, low self esteem...And the list is endless! There are so many things that people resort to combat stress: yoga, meditation, warm baths, kick boxing, etc etc. However no matter how much you want to concentrate, your stress seems to distract you elsewhere. Often one finds doodling or restless feet. Lately I have found a unique way to combat stress and fidget positively: Hand spinners!

Hand spinners are the latest innovation to distract yourself. One can spend endless hours spinning it; totally engrossed in its designs and lights. There are so many hand spinners in the market right now; each offering something unique from the other. Here I am listing five of my favourites:
Its a plastic fidget spinner with an emoticon game turntable. A funny combination of life, choice and phobia disorder. Easy to carry, fiddle with it anytime, anywhere.
This one is a six ball metal finger gyro fidget spinner. It has high quality bearing. Easy to carry. Its a funny decompression toy; suitable for a costume party.
This is an LED Hand spinner. The leopard print and the flashing LED lights make it a must have. Each LED light orb produces a gorgeous stream of light when spun.

This is zodiac sign hand spinner. Its really lightweight and depending on the power, its average spin time increases, which is normally 3 - 5 minutes. Its easy to carry and is beautiful. An example of excellent craftsmanship.

This is a glow in dark hand spinner. With 4th of July just round he corner, this American Flag combination is just perfect!

The best part? Sammydress offers #FreeShippingWorldwide for these hand spinners!

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