Dineout Hacks: Save more in the #MonthOfMore

I am not only a food blogger but an Epicurean as well. So I am constantly on the hunt to discover new places to eat , be it fine dine or budget eats. Thankfully Dineout is here which has some great hacks.
1. Sign up and get Rs. 500.
2. Refer and get Rs. 200.
3. Get an extra 5% when you add money.
4. Pay your bill through Dineout Pay and get 20% cashback upto Rs. 300.
5. Buy deals and get 20% Dineout cashback.
6. Use your HDFC Debit/Credit card to buy deals and get additional 50% cashback -- upto Rs. 75
per transaction and Rs. 150 throughout the month of February -- on the booking fees.
7. Get Gourmet Passport membership at half the price. Flat 50% off on GP throughout GIRF.
Let’s try and understand this through an example.

You are planning to take your girlfriend/boyfriend out on a date. You choose the best place serving
amazing food and you also choose the finest wine there is. Everything is set. The plan is on and right at that moment, you suddenly start calculating the bill roughly in your head.
Things are about to take an ugly turn but then it is the #MonthOfMore and we got you covered. So here’s what you have to do.
Firstly, sign up for on the Dineout app and get Rs. 500 in your wallet. Now you refer a friend and get Rs.
200 more. Go on and add, let’s say, Rs. 1000 in the wallet, you get 5% more of that amount. So now you
have Rs. 1400 in your wallet (500+200+2100). So now, after spending Rs. 1000, you have earned Rs.
400 extra.
Second step - buy two 50% off total bill deals of, for instance, Rs. 100 and use your HDFC Debit/Credit card to pay for that to get 50% cashback upto Rs. 75 on the booking fee. Wait, there are more savings to come.
Next, you pay the total bill through Dineout Pay and you’ll get another 20% cashback of upto Rs. 300 on that.
So now if your bill is, let’s assume, Rs. 5000, you’ll just have to pay Rs. 1575 for that. Here’s the math:
Total Bill: Rs. 5000
You spend:
Price of the deal for 2 (50+50) Rs. 100
(-) 20% Dineout cashback Rs. 20
(-) 50% HDFC Cashback upto Rs. 75 Rs. 50
Your Rs. 100 deals cost you just Rs. 30!
After the 50% deal: Rs. 2500
(-) Pay 25% of your bill post the deal through earnings: Rs. 625
(-) 20% cashback upto Rs. 300 when you pay through Dineout Pay: Rs. 300
Bill to be paid: Rs. 1575


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