Book Review: Walk the Wire by Vivek Ishwar

Name of the Title: Walk the Wire

Genre: Self improvement

Author: Vivek S Ishwar

Number of Pages: 106

Price: 200 INR

About the author: Vivek S Ishwar is a coach and writer by passion, Chartered Accountant by qualification and a finance and strategy professional by profession. His book is a practical guide which would help one to achieve his/her goals more meticulously.  He has quoted numerous examples from his own life as well as his friends', making it a real life guide.

Summary: To be honest, this is the first self improvement book which I have completed. In the past, I have tried to read many but always ended up quitting them in between. However this book was a fast read and very practical and I really wanted to know the secrets of success, hence I finished this in a day.

The book starts with Maslow's hierarchy theory. As a medico, this is something we are taught at the very beginning of Psychology lessons. 'Self actualization' is the ultimate goal of life. And whatever we do, motivation plays a very big role.

The book has place for notes at the end of every section. The writer suggests us to complete the exercise simultaneously so that we can analyze ourselves at the end. The sections are subjective like: what are your goals, what are the obstacles to reaching your goals, are they holistic, what are your distractions, etc etc.

Takeaways from the book: The book has oodles of practical guidelines which we should follow at every sphere of life. It is divided into 4 chapters:

Too many distractions, Too many substances
Dealing with the beast
Putting into practice
Finding Balance

I never knew about the Window of Johri: Things we know we know, things we know we don't know, things we don't know we know and things we don't know we don't know. The third part is crucial for our betterment and can be put to good use.

Dividing your goals into short term and long term. 

SWOT (Strength, weaknesses, Opportunity and Threat) analysis of goals

The importance of prioritization

Making pie charts for time management. One that is our current schedule and the other one our desired schedule.

Striking a balance between the limitations: time and money

The concept of golden hours: How can we increase more fruitful hours in a day.

There are so many things to learn from this book that one needs to read this thoroughly.

A definite recommendation from my side. One should sit down with a pen and notebook and jot down all the takeaways from this book.


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