Pampers Baby Dry Pants for happy mornings

My little one is 11 months old. Yes, I am a father to an infant and a proud and a worry free one. Fatherhood may not have been so easy for me but with time I have discovered certain things which can make my baby happy.

My naughty one has been a troubled sleeper right from the beginning. She was born in the middle of the night so some elders relate her sleep troubles with that. Our early parenthood days were nothing short of hell. My wife had a Caesarian section so she badly needed rest. I being an orthopedic surgeon could not ignore my patients so there was no paternity leave for me. I used to come home late at night tired to find my wife struggling to put our daughter to sleep. We all three needed a good snooze. I for my well being, my wife for her recovery and our neonate's development primarily depended on sleep. Yes, sleep is an integral part of a baby's development. The more a baby sleeps. more nerve cells generate and hence the baby's brain. A neonate is supposed to sleep for 20 hours a day which gradually dwindles as he grows. Till the completeion of 12 months, a baby is supposed to sleep for 14 hours a day.

Our daughter hardly used to sleep for eight hours in the initial three months. In the first month she used to scream all night long leaving me and my wife cranky. The reason for her behavior was quite unsolved. Diaper check, colic check, hunger check. She used to be wailing without any reason. Gradually as a couple of months passed, we tried a follow a particular bedtime routine thanks to Pampers. She started falling asleep at around two in the morning and woke up at six. Even four hours of a night's sleep seemed a blessing to us. Gradually after six months, she began to sleep throughout the night. Now she sleeps around six hours at night and about four hours during daytime.

I and my wife have been following certain bedtime rituals which ensures a good night's sleep for my infant. First of all a baby needs to be dry. During the early months diapers are good but as your baby grows, you need to have something in which your baby can be active in. Pampers baby dry pants allow your baby to move freely without any hassle. These pants are easy to put on and your baby can't tear them off. These become a part of their clothing and my baby can crawl and walk without fuss.

To start with we fixed a particular bedtime for our baby. We settled at ten at night. First we give her a warm sponging. Warm baths are recommended for insomniacs for a good night sleep. It helps to relieve the stress and induce sleep. Same goes for babies too. However as Delhi winters are harsh, bathing at night is out of question. Warm sponging does the trick.

Then we feed her. Usually four scoops of cereals followed by little milk. Our baby is fond of milk and she can't sleep without it. After she is burped, I usually apply coconut oil over her legs and buttocks. Coconut oil moisturises her skin and also helps preventing diaper rash. Then I make her wear Pamper dry pants. Putting on these dry pants at ten at night promises to keep her dry till ten in the morning ( unless of course she poops in it). Then I put on warm leggings and take her in my lap.

A full stomach already makes her drowsy. She loves to be rocked and sung too. I usually close the door and switch off our bedroom lights to cut off any distraction. Then I rock her gently while walking around in our bedroom. I usually sing lightly her favourite songs. Babies can really have strange tastes. She smiles on listening ''Ábhi to party shuru hui hai" and other silly Honey Singh songs. Anyways whatever she likes, its all her wish. I am just happy to put her to sleep. Usually she takes few sips of her mother's feed before she dozes off into a deep, calm sleep.

One of my favourite pastimes after becoming a father has been watching my baby sleep. She wakes up happy in the morning as she is dry from inside as well as out. To see her sleep peacefully is delighting but watching her wake up happy and active is all the more rewarding!!


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