Experience #UnconditionalLove with the Zenfone

Its that time of the year again...yes, Valentine's day. An either make it or break it day. A fabulous day only if you have someone to reciprocate back. Otherwise this can be the most depressing day of the year. After a series of heartbreaks, I have decided to stop shedding tears. Over the years I have realised that love is the most selfish thing in this world. I somehow still crave for unconditional love which I have found difficult to find. However, this year its going to be different as I have got the perfect Valentine date!
No more tears or disappointment; my hopes are riding high. And yes, I am positive that I won't be let down. I have found unconditional love with the Zenfone.
Whatever I fantasize in my Valentine date is present in my Zenfone! And the best part? Its not going to break my heart! Here are five reasons as to why my Zenfone is my ideal valentine!!

1.My date has to be good looking. With my zenfone, its not a distant dream! The HD resolution makes using it a stunning experience! Powered by ASUS TruVivid technology, I can immerse myself in impressive visual clarity, beautiful colours and quality pictures! Also it comes in a whole range of beautiful and attractive colours!

2. My Valentine date should have soft touch! One of the best experience of a date is to hold soft hands without having to worry for anything! My zenfone fulfils this fantasy of mine! It has an incredible touch experience! It has an anti fingerprint coating to reduce smudges! It has a very quick response time and is so sensitive that I can navigate it even with my gloves on! ( Given the Delhi winters during Valentines day!) Also The Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protects it from scratches and screen damages.

3. I love music. This comes as a no surprise as most of the people do. However I would love to be sung to. I dream of being serenaded by my date. My zenfone has excellent audio qualities. A combination of high quality hardware and software, Asus's Sonicmaster technology is designed to deliver an exceptional sound experience.

4. My valentine date has to be smart and intelligent. Many men prefer to go for the bimbo type but I am not one one of them. My lady has to be sharp, quick and witty. Interestingly, my Zenfone has this feature too! With its Intel dual core processor, I can enjoy flawless performance and responsiveness. I can multitask seamlessly, switch between apps without lags and browse through heavy pages effortlessly. Also I can enjoy immersive 3D gaming!

5. Last but not the least, being a blogger, I need my date to be an excellent photographer. I don't want to sound borderline narcissistic, but I need to photograph every little evident thing around me and of course myself. So my date needs to be a patient as well as a good photographer to help me pictorially document my little details. My zenfone is a superb photographer. Its camera is infused with unique PixelMaster technology which combines five brightness enhancing lenses to achieve perfect photos. With such features, I can be assured of excellent pictures. Also its 2 MP front camera takes excellent selfies. 

 So moving on, I am here to pamper myself on this Valentine day with unconditional love from my Zenfone!!


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