IDBI Federal Lifesurance Whole Life - Befikar Umar Bhar

Row row row your boat
Gently down the stream...
Merrily merrily merrily..
Life is but a dream.

I wish these lines were true. I could live life like a dream and not worry about anything else. Well it seems God has finally answered my prayers. I recently came to know about IDBI Federal Lifesurance and I can finally lead my life like a dream! All my burdens have been taken care of and I am feeling so free!!
With IDBI Federal Lifesurance Whole life its actually #Befikar Umar Bhar i.e you don't have to worry in your entire life! With this savings Insurance plan you get two lumpsum payouts. The first at the end of your premium payment term and the second when you reach 100 years of age! Two lumpsum payouts mean double the happiness! So even ( God forbid) my first payout is squandered, I still ( or my kins) would get a second payout when I would be hundred years old!

Hmm..let me see..this is a huge blessing. What shall I do with all this grace? I have been waiting to fulfill all my latent desires since long but my family commitments always prevented me from unleashing them. Now that I have been unburdened, here's to what all I plan to do.
The five foremost things which I dream of fulfilling if I have to live Befikar Umar bhar are as follows:

1. A lavish wedding for my daughter:
Since the day I have been blessed with a girl, I have been saving for her. It's not that I am old fashioned and believe in dowry or buying the man of her dreams; but I just want to bring her up lavishly. She is the apple of my eyes; she deserves every bit to be treated like a princess. I don't want to cut down on any of her wish, I want to send her to the best of schools, make her wear the best of apparels, give her the finest of education and finally marry her off in a royal manner. Now that I can get two payouts, I can see a lot of it actually coming true.

2. Buy a solitaire for my wife:
Since the day we got engaged, my fiance wanted me to give her a huge rock. The ring which I gave her never satisfied her though she wears it everyday. I have been giving her jewelry on and off  but never had the courage to gift her a big solitaire like she dreamt of. With so much burden being lightened, I plan to surprise her soon!

3. Buy an SUV:
I have been driving a hatchback since my late teens. The first car which I bought with my own salary was also a hatchback and I am still using one. As much as I try to justify myself that I don't need a big car, I had always desired so. I find SUVs very manly and elegant and owning one had been a secret wish. Now that I am financially unburdened, I can finally make it true!

4. A place called home:
I started my family at a rented apartment. Gradually I saved up to buy a piece of roof of my own. I had always dreamt of having a bungalow with a huge garden and a backyard. Given the chance to live life without any worries, I would love to build a palatial mansion: manicured lawns, gigantic iron gates, backyard growing organic vegetables, butlers opening the doors, I would have loved to live like a king!

5. Travel the world:
A person who has not traveled has only read the front cover of the book : Father Augustine
I have always loved to travel and the movie Zindagi milegi na dobara provoked the explorer in me. I would love to explore the nooks and corners of the world. If given a chance to lead a worry free life, I would pack my bags and zoom! Now that IDBI Federal Lifesurance has lessened my worries so much, I can actually satisfy the travel bug in me!

Thank you IDBI Federal Lifesurance, my dreams and wishes can come true!! I can save tax and lead a lavish life!


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