The power of truth

I was always naughty as a kid. Not that I am not now; ask my wife and she would have myriads of anecdotes to affirm this. My mother always covered for my mischiefs as any typical mother would. However there was one incident which even shook her.
Being naughty did not mean that I was not sincere at school. It was not much of an option really. My elder sister who was very meritorious and  in the same school ensured that I never did something that would mar her reputation. She was three years senior to me and I finally got to spread my wings in tenth class when she left for medical college.
My school, St John's was a premier school in Varanasi. I used to stay in Ramnagar which was just across the ganges. Its a much smaller district than Varanasi. My childhood was pretty tough. I used to walk to the ghat in Ramnagar.From there a ferry used to take me across the river Ganges to Varanasi. Again from there I had to walk to my school. As I grew up I became more serious and responsible with respect to my studies. I believed that so much hard work in going to school should have some value. Maybe that is why I could clear my medical entrance exam in the very first attempt.
Our physics teacher, Mr Steven was very strict. Not only strict but discriminating too. He used to look down upon the small town students (like those from Ramnagar and nearby suburbs) and bully and insult them unreasonably. We used to tolerate his comments and abusive behavior as he was our teacher.
I was in eleventh standard at that time. Already so overworked with medical coaching and other studies, Steven sir's bullying was becoming too much to handle. One day I was completing my Physics homework when he shouted at me 'Hey you Ramnagar! Get out of the class!!' without any reason. I stormed off silently brewing with indignation. During the lunch break I did something which I never would in my senses. With a compass, I engraved 'We all hate Steven' on the blackboard. Such kind of engraving was permanent. Immediately I was called by the principal.
I was given a three day suspension as punishment. Now what, What am I supposed to tell my parents? They would be shattered. They could never imagine me doing such kind of act.
The first two days I left for school as usual. I roamed about on the streets of varanasi and came back to home at the usual time. There was no way my parents would have come to know about my misdeed.
On the evening of  the second day, I started feeling really guilty about keeping my parents in the dark. They trusted me blindly and were so much proud of me. I was letting them down by lying to them. After a lot of self dilemma, I decided to open up.
That evening when I narrated the entire incident, my parents were shell shocked. Tears trickled down my mother's cheeks for whom I was a gem of a child. They were sad at my behaviour at school, then my punishment and lastly my two days of lying. The third day I stayed at home.
My parents did not talk to me for a week. But I felt better as a heavy load had been lifted off from my shoulders. After few days everything was back to normal and they confessed that they were proud of me for telling the truth.
Today my parents exemplify my courageous act of coming clean to my nephew. That makes me happy and relieved that I came out with the truth.
After all Kitna chain hota hai na sachai mein!!

me and my wife with my mom and aunt.. they are proud of me today


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