Teddy Travelogues

I love traveling. This may come as a cliche but I AM AN ardent traveler. And I had started travelling since the age of 2 and a half years. Recently I came across Teddy Travelogues and went down the memory lane. I have documented my travel diaries since I was a kid and this is such a brilliant idea of Club Mahindra!

My daughter is nine months old. I love traveling with my wife but now that we have a family, we plan to conquer the world together! My daughter had her first stint with traveling a couple of months ago when we went for a short break in Purvanchal during the Diwali holidays. Our base was at Varanasi and from there we traveled to Rajdari Devdari falls, Vindhyachal and nearby places. This was our first trip together and I enjoyed every bit of it!

Our first concern was the 16 hour long train journey from Delhi to Varanasi. My daughter being very naughty and restless made our 16 hours seem like a week. Later as we deboarded the train our lives became easier as we traveled around. Anyways since this was our first trip together we were naive about kids. Being new parents itself is a tough job and traveling with a naughty infant is an ordeal! At the end we learnt a lot and I thought of sharing important tips which we would keep in mind in future.

Firstly kids require a good place to stay. Big resorts with spacious rooms and open spaces are a key requisite. They love to move and frolic around and restricting them makes them claustrophobic. Also reputed resorts promise security which is a must have with kids.

Second but most important is food. While travelling be it train,plane or bus one should keep ample food. These can be finger foods that the kids love to gorge along with some healthy alternatives like fruits and nuts. Not only kids are a fussy eater but getting clean food wherever they demand ( can be in the middle of desert too!!) can be a daunting task! In terms of food, infants are easier to handle as they feed on formula and baby cereals.

Drinking water needs to be very clean so to be on the safer side always buy mineral water.

Thirdly entertainment is important. Hotels and resorts offer open sports and television but parents need to keep few things while on the go. Depending on the children's taste they can be board games, a deck of cards, musical instrument, books etc. For infants and toddlers, any toy of their choice!

Hygiene is indispensable during traveling. I personally keep a hand sanitiser and wet wipes always. Use soap wherever you can to wash hands and face as traveling invites a lot of germs. For infants keep plenty of diapers, wet wipes, newspapers and trash bags for disposal.

Small kids tend to soil their clothes very often so carrying them in plenty is required. Infants too pose the same problem.

Last but not the least first aid! Kids can get hurt easily or fall sick from the changing environment. Some can have motion sickness or gastroeneteritis or simply catch cold from the changing of climate. Its important to keep over the counter prescriptions handy to prevent such disasters or you can consult your family physician before the trip! Me and my wife both being doctors keep band aids, dettol, paracetamol, painkillers and antibiotics with us.

I know a lot more points need to be covered but as of now these are the primary things that come to my mind.
Someday I wish that my daughter would be old enough to write her travel diaries like in the Teddy Travelogues!

picnic with my daughter at the Rajdari falls...


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