The blooming of a flower

After years of holy matrimony, a stork finally visits the couple. They have been trying to conceive for 10 long years. Call it medical breakthrough or God's blessing, the wife finally got pregnant. After nine months of nurture they were blessed with a little angel.

We as kids , realize very less how precious we are to our parents. Materially we do. When it comes to bullying them to get a tab or a playstation, we can easily go on a hunger strike because we know that our parents cannot bear to see us hungry. If our parents can sacrifice so much for us then why can't we fulfil their meagre expectations?

With dating taking a new turn in new age India, pre marital sex is no longer a taboo. But according to me its a complete No No! Call me conservative or outdated, I would always condemn pre marital sex.
Some say that only smart dudes and sassy girls are capable of having glamorous relationships and hence pre marital sex. And if you want a virgin partner, you either have to marry an uncool person or he definitely has some flaws. And just to keep up with the coolness quotient and peer pressure, youngsters indulge in pre marital sex. I don't agree with this.

I got married at the age of 29 and waited all the way. Its not like that I never had a chance before. I was neither uncool nor repulsive.I am a doctor and had plenty of female fan following right from my medical college days. But I always wanted to wait for my Miss right. When I came to know about Poonam Uppal's A passionaate gospel of True love : A mystical true love story, I decided to voice my views.

I always have substantial reasons when I condemn pre marital sex. First of all I would like come to the psychology after effects of pre marital sex. I am talking about teenage sex and early youth. As far as middle age is concerned, I don't have any say in it. I am against Pre Maturity sex basically. Heartbreak is already tough to handle and when it involves physical intimacy, it becomes all the more difficult. It may lead to severe withdrawal symptoms generating the need for counselling. In worse cases, either of the partner ( the one who did not end the relationship) may stalk the former partner and rage and jealousy can lead to disasters.

Being a doctor its important to cover the health perspective. Pre marital sex invariably involves mutiple partners in the future which in turn can lead to sexually transmitted diseases. Also it has been seen that early intercourse in girls increases the chance of getting cervical carcinoma. Too much sexual activity can lead to breast and again cervical carcinoma. And what about unwanted pregnancies? There is nothing more detrimental to a girl's health than teenage pregnancy. Abortions can lead to serious health complications no matter at which age they are conducted. These procedures lower the chances of conception later in life.

Virginity is an overrated virtue but it should be preserved nonetheless. The union of two bodies should be preceded by the union of two souls and according to me, we should wait for our soulmate. Our bodies should be shared only with one partner and that can happen only after marriage.. What we are calling love now in the surge of our hormones can turn into a blunder later on. So its better to be sane and experience it after marriage.

Sex is love making and love can be made respectfully only with our legal life partners.


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