Book Review: City of Nine Gates by Pankaj Rajput

The protagonist of the story is a very young multi millionaire Gyan but he doesn't believe in the Almighty. This story is about the journey of Gyan to self realisation. This story is especially worth a read because it shows how a person who just doesn't believe in anything metaphysical undergoes a transformation. The author Pankaj Rajput is a financial advisor by profession but his interest lies in metaphysics and spirituality. No wonder he has ventured into the world of Vedic fiction penned down such a mystical story. 

The narration starts with the protagonist Gyan, looking at the pictures of a recently excavated 4000 year old fort. He is one of the most successful and youngest start up guys but is a historian at heart. His company imparted education at very affordable prices. His heart lies in the excavation site and waited  for everyone to vacate it. They thought the discovery to be a fort but folklore believed something else. They said that it was a temple and it was cursed. So Gyan wanted to explore himself. The place is City of Nine Gates.
This book is actually for the mythological fiction lovers. It's a vividly written story in which you feel that you are  actually experiencing the adventures yourself.
The inspiration of the author to write this book is of course nature.
What I loved about the book: Right from the cover, the book is very attractive. The snow covered mountains in the background and a young man staring at them sort of leaves you in a dazzle as what the story might be.
There is a glossary given at the end of the book for Sanskrit illiterates like me and I guess many other readers. Each Vedic/Sanskrit word used in the novel has been explained very well in this section.
The ending leaves you in a tizzy. You are completely lost in the mystical world. Was it a dream?


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