Kar Salaam: A tribute to our soldiers

It seldom happens that we do something for our dear soldiers. They are protecting us day and night by sacrificing their own family life and other pleasures. We always feel grateful towards them nonetheless. But what do we actually do to make them feel special? Well this Republic Day it was different. Consumer Durables giant LG India came up with a unique #KarSalaam concept to salute our Indian Soldiers.
#KarSalaam initiative was launched prior to Republic Day where the whole nation was invited to send their wishes to the soldiers. The campaign was rolled out through radio, online and malls from where wishes were collected. A website was launched KarSalaam.in where people could send messages through Twitter and Facebook to our brave soldiers. The campaign was a roaring success as more than 2 lakh messages were collected both online and offline.
This shows the spirit of our fellow Indians for our brave heart soldiers. We rarely get any chance to express how grateful we are, or how brave and selfless our soldiers are. Hence the success of this initiative.
LG Electronics India Private Ltd was launched in India, January 1997. Its tagline is Life's Good. Hence it wanted to spread the message that our life in this country is safe and good. All thanks to our armed forces who are protecting our borders with their lives. With the Kar Salaam  initiative, we all created a Guinness Book World Record. Over 2 lakh wishes both online and offline proves that our strength is in our mass. We always curse our ever increasing population for all our woes. However we should always remember that we have the greatest resource: Human resource. Instead of cursing our enormous population, we should take use of it. Our so called bane is our greatest boon. We should plan to educate every individual and pay special attention to the young generation; who are the future of our nation. Also praising our armed forces every now and then will keep their spirit alive like never before.
Taking the campaign forward, Kim Ki Wan, LG MD of India, handed over a cheque of 1 crore to the home minister Rajnath Singh, for the CRPF Wellness Fund.
We truly salute the spirit of our soldiers.

 Here is the link to the press release.


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