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Delhi we love you!

There is nothing more cheerful in life than colours.  Indiblogger seems to understand this pretty well. That is why they had been partnering with Berger Paints to enlighten the janta about the latest technology of painting. They have been travelling all over the country and organizing Blogger Meets...starting from Kolkata then Bengaluru and then Mumbai a fortnight back. What seemed missing was our very own capital. Is Delhi way too colourful that it does not need any more hue? We bloggers had been craving an IndiMeet; its been 8 months since the Horlicks Meet. Thankfully God seems to have listened to our prayers and they organized the much awaited Berger XP Meet last Saturday! It was a crazy afternoon filled with colours, laughter and good food. Just everything we needed!

The event was in Vivanta By Taj, Dwarka, a two hour metro ride from my place.The afternoon started with a sumptuous lunch. After that Indiblogger funnyman Anoop took charge of the stage and the real excitement started. The first activity of the afternoon was 'Know your Bloggers'. We all were given a sealed envelope which contained introductions of five bloggers (as mentioned on their blogs). We were supposed to find out the names of those bloggers and click a selfie with them. The person to get all the five names correct wins. Then the real madness started. We all ran helter skelter to discover our mates. Funnily, many bloggers had the slip containing my description . Everyone knew me as a surgeon, but from now on, I became known as a cricketer too! The winner of this round was Manjulika, who deciphered all the five clues flawlessly! We had a hell of entertainment in this round!
Then it was time to get serious. We got to know about BergerXP as Mr Vinod Das of Berger Paints took charge of the stage.
What can be possibly more painful than a tooth extraction at the dentist? Painting your home of course! Tooth extraction is a matter of seconds but getting your home painted is like prolonged suffering. That is why we usually keep on postponing repainting till the time we can manage. First of all, moving around furniture is so painful. Secondly all the dust, dirt and paint spillage is truly a nuisance. However we just came to know that painting is not a punishment anymore. All thanks to Berger Paints and its Express painting!
Berger's Express Painting is just like the T20 of Painting. They have come up with this unique process which promises the entire experience to be faster, cleaner and better. There are a set of Home Painting Tools that enables the painting process to be completed 40% faster than traditional painting.

Also Berger Paints have started an academy for training the painters so that you can have a much hassle free experience. Basically they have 'Uberised' the painters. So in all. with Express painting, you get your home walls painted by better trained professionals with 'No Mess' tools at a much faster speed for a better finish! The best part? All this is provided at no additional cost!
The painting tools consist of a Sanding Machine that is of course faster and dust free as it has a vacuum function. Then there is a Multipurpose Mixer that mixes putty and texture at regulated speeds. So no more hand complaints of painters. An Auto Roller which has Automatic Paint Pumping for a superior finish. A High Pressure Washer which has a Pressure Regulator. And also an Airless Paint Sprayer for quick application and superior finish.
We all were immensely impressed and motivated to get our homes painted by Express Painting. The cherry on the cake is that all this at no additional cost! Therefore a world class painting experience with excellent finish minus the dust, dirt and paint spillage for the consumers. While for the applicator it ensures better business by reducing the time assigned for each painting job. So its a win win situation for both!
Then it was time for our hands to get dirty. We got divided into teams of 7 to 8 and were assigned a table each. We were given a plyboard to sand it traditionally. We donned masks, caps and gloves for the operation. The team which smoothened the board in the least amount of time got the maximum points. The winner was not revealed yet. There was white dust everywhere!

Then it was time to unravel the painters within us. Each team was given a topic to paint. Before that we were given a lesson on mixing ratios. The main white paint could be mixed with the limited number of concentrates to create more than 10.000 shades!
An then the painting started. Topics ranged from I love Delhi to Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan to Festivals of India to Vlogging, etc etc. Each painting was a masterpiece.
The overall result was a compilation of the sanding time, painting as well as its presentation. The team with the 'Vlogging' theme won.

So it was a super action packed day with sanding and painting and chatting and eating! We were given Berger catalogues, a mug and an Indiblogger Tee as takeways. It was one afternoon to remember!

The Berger Team

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