Music is the soul of life

I feel that everyone would agree with the title of my post. There is hardly anyone in this world who does not love music. However there are two types of music lovers. One (the majority) people who simply love listening to music. Second are the musicians. By being a musician I mean those who learn music. This covers a broad range of people. From professional musicians to tiny tots who have just joined music classes, all these people swear by music.

Its unfortunate that we in India don’t give importance to off beat career choices. Academics is a must
even if the child is weak or has a flair in extra curricular activities. Thankfully the scenario today is
changing when it comes to taking up music and sports as a career.
I belonged to old school where academics was must. So I joined coaching classes for cracking the
Medical Entrance Examinations as I dreamed of becoming a doctor. However I also belong to a family where cultural education is a must. After all I hail from Varanasi, the cultural capital of India. So apart from going to the best school in the city and getting enrolled for the best medical coaching classes, my parents signed me up for sitar classes. Its not like that I loved sitar; it was arbitrarily chosen. Since my elder sister was already learning Sitar, it was the obvious choice.

Juggling school, coaching, cricket and music classes was a tough job. However I did not give up. My hard work payed off finally. I not only came out with flying colours in twelfth Boards but also cracked the Medical Entrance Examinations. Not only that, I cleared the Prabhakar level in sitar. My parents and sister were elated. I have always believed that caliber should not be one sided. Its good to be academically inclined but it should not be the only thing in life. Firstly, one should be a good human being. Rest of the things come second. One should have good values instilled. And I feel that a lot of this comes from learning music and dance.

Now that I am a father myself, I am going to be very flexible in my daughter’s upbringing. Although she is tiny right now (20 months) but like any parent I think about her.  My wife is also a doctor so I can assume that she would be academically inclined. But one thing I as well as my wife are sure about her is that she would be trained both in classical dance and music. I won’t force anything upon her but would introduce her to classical music and would love if she would adopt it. Well it’s a long way. But what’s the harm in dreaming, right?

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