Sometimes I feel that I am a part of the incredible Zen family. I had already been to two zenfone launches and this was my third one. But this time it was not simply a phone launch, it was the Zen Festival! Moreover, Bollywood hottie Sonakshi Sinha was going to come!
I was super excited but it was a Thursday! Too bad! I had myriads of patients in the hospital. Thankfully it was not a surgery day otherwise there was no chance I could have made it!
I reached late at around three. There was a sea of crowd. Bloggers, media, tech people and college students...the auditorium was brimming with people! Did I mention the venue? It was Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium! The moment I saw the venue, I knew that it was going to be one huge meet. But when I made it to the venue, it was more than I could have imagined!
The crowd was indeed maddening. I somehow managed to grab a seat to catch hold of the presentation of the products. I had missed the awesome drummer performance which was at the beginning. But thankfully Sonakshi Sinha was yet to come.
There were a number of products launched....one product out doing the other. Some of my personal favourites were Zenfone 2 deluxe crystal, Zenfone Selfie, Zenfone tablet etc, etc. You can order these fabulous gadgets here.

The promising Zenfone Selfie was launched by none other than Sonakshi Sinha. And did I tell you the host of the event? It was funny man Cyrus Sahukar!
For lunch, we all hardly got anything to eat. The crowd had gone out of control. It was not an exclusive blogger meet but a huge event. At the end we were given Asus Lolly flash as return gifts. I am pretty happy about that one!

Bollywood hottie Sonakshi Sinha launching the Zenfone Selfie


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