Surf Fast with Airtel 4G!

How long has it been that internet is in India? Approximately 30 years I think! The first cables were laid at around 1986. As far as my tryst with Internet goes,ts been around 15 years! But what has remained consistently inconsistent throughout these years is the speed! Indians are the second largest Internet users after China. But when it comes to speed, India is at the 135 th position!

Thanks to Internet, everything came at our tips. WE could download movies, TV shows, articles etc etc. A movie download meant keeping our systems on throughout the night. But the mornings would be promising as we got to see it! Slow yet steady, internet became a part and parcel of our lives.

Thankfully the scenario has been changing since the fast few years. With the advent of wifi, life became easier. Then with the advent of smartphones, came the quintessential data! We got Internet at our tips...whenever wherever.  First it was 2G..which was slow but still mobile internet.

The first step in the fast internet revolution was with the launch of 3G. Downloads became fast and browsing faster! We were happy with the speed but bloggers like me and computer professionals needed faster internet! Seems God had been listening to our prayers and bam 4G was launched!

4G is indeed the steppingstone to the digital revolution! Its incredible speed promises to change our lives forever!

Airtel is the first network provider in India to roll out 4G services! The 4G service is available across 296 cities! Above all, it is providing 4G services at the price of 3G! Is not it amazing? All the more, getting 4G is just a tweet away! Just tweet #GetAirtel4G and bam your request would be processed! Then you would get free home delivery of the 4G Sim!

What do you need?
A 4G enabled mobile handset and the desire to use fast internet. And of course, the tweet! 

So what are you waiting for? I have already ordered my 4G sim. I have started dreaming about all the things that I would be able to do with super fast 4G.

Here is what we can do with super fast internet ie 4G:

Browse at lightening speed.
No more overnight downloading of movies.
Movie download in a few minutes!
Uninterrupted video streaming ! So no buffering!
Picture upload at a lightening speed! That means bloggers like me would have a blast on the social media!
Apps would be downloaded at a lightening fast speed!

You can even check how fast any App download would be. Just tweet #Airtel4GSpeedTest and type the name of the App. When I tried Whatsapp, it showed it would be downloaded in 18 seconds with #Airtel4G! Now thats really fast!

My phone would become my live entertainment system!

I am upgrading to 4G soon! When do you want high speed? 


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