Book Review: Trending In Love by Pankaj Dubey

Title: Trending In Love
Author: Pankaj Dubey
Genre: Romance, Fiction
No.of pages: 210
Format: Paperback

We all know that cracking the IAS exams is one of the most gruelling tasks in India. The achievers are worshipped literally like Gods. However when does one know to enter this Herculean race?
Some youngsters know from their childhood that they want to become a bureaucrat (whether family history, family pressure or ambition) while some are motivated into acquiring power because of certain circumstances.
This story is about a pretty girl Sanam (a Delhiite although hailing from Madhya Pradesh) and a Kashmiri boy Aamir, who hails from the politically unrest Kupwara. Sanam gets into a fight with a minister's son in her carefree days which pushes her into becoming an IAS officer so that she can teach such hooligans a lesson. Aamir on the other hand is leading his daily life in the valley amidst regular firings, unrest, tension and a 'Jihadi' environment when he is coaxed by his boss at his hotel job to give a shot at the Civil Services exam.

Sanam always a go getter and inundated with privileges tops the IAS exams while Aamir, inspite of a full time job and hostile circumstances, comes second.
The story is about the IAS officer trainees in the Academy, nestled in the picturesque Himalayas in the town of Mussoorie. Both the protagonists from vastly different backgrounds manage to get attracted to each other but not without their share of drama. Do they hate each other or are they something? They are highly confused themselves.

The story peeks into the gruelling training sessions and the life in the academy with all the joys and scandals is a delight to read. Would Sanam and Aamir fall in love? If they do, will the world support them?

A light hearted beautiful romantic novel everyone will love.


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