Book review: Victims for Sale by Nish Amarnath

Title: Victims for Sale
Author: Nish Amarnath
Genre: Thriller
Pages: 322

As the name suggests, this book is a hair raising thriller. The author is an erstwhile resident of the UK, hence her description of the neighborhoods of London and suburbs are so vivid and detailed. The book is really smart, witty and full of suspense and hence very difficult to put down. 
The story is about a 19 year old journalism student Sandhya, who moves to London from India to pursue higher studies. However instead of staying in a dorm in the university campus, she chooses to live as a paying guest with an Indian family, arrangements for which she had done from India itself. However what seems like a normal family in the beginning, begins to unfold strange pages day by day.
Her first sleep in that house is broken by an attack  with a knife; by the daughter of the family who is differently abled. Gradually everyday becomes an adventure in itself with Sandy getting emotionally involved and physically hurt. Her studies begin to get affected although she is very bright and even gets a grant for scholarship in the London School of Economics. 
Part of why Sandhya moves to UK against her parents wishes was because she wanted to get over the tragic death of her boyfriend Saahil, who she lost in the Mumbai blasts. 
However the son of the Sawant family, her landlord, Nimmy develops feelings for her and voices them too. Sandhya is not sure whether to move to a newer, safer and normal place or continue staying with the Sawants. 
She then decides to run a sting operation on home for the differently abled and skeletons began falling out of the closet. 
What kind of racket is going on? How are such brutal murders related? How far is the Sawant family involved? Is Nimmy too in this? 
This is a gripping thriller which no one would be able to put down before devouring.


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