Book review: A drop of you by Krishna Chhetri

Title: A drop of you
Author: Krishna Chhetri
Genre: Romance
Pages: 271

Before starting this book, ask a few questions to yourself.
Do you believe in love?
Do you believe in unconventional love? ie falling in love blindly, without thinking of the repercussions?
Does love only mean marriage to you?
Do you swear by 'and lived happily ever after?'

As the name suggests, this book is a love story. The tagline says: Loving, with or without you. But hold on, you don't need to be a hardcore romantic to enjoy this book. This is a very practical story which revolves around millenials. Karma and Ghazal (the protagonists) are in love with each other. However it's not an ordinary love story. They belong to different religions and don't actually believe in conventional norms like tying the knot and all. They are in a live in relationship and their closest friends think that they are real #couplegoals . But when Karma professes his concerns about his 'picture perfect' relationship to his best friend, the story takes a real twist. Are flawless relationships, coated with love really a myth? Is there anything like 'lived happily ever after'? 

'A drop of you' is a beautifully written love story with poems strewn all over the book. It is such a fresh take on modern relationships, which is not bound by traditional norms like religion and customs.
A must read for millenials.


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