Title: Sometimes it happens
Author: Karan Sharma
Genre: Romance, fiction
Pages: 167

This book is about Gautam, the main lead, Rohit, his best friend and Roshni, Gautam's boss and love interest. The twist in the story is that Roshni is 12 years senior to Gautam (she is his boss after all) and Gautam is head over heels in love with her.
When Gautam professes his love to his best friend Rohit, he is ridiculed and put across a series of tough situations... Which are very true and practical. The society doesn't accept such inequal relationships and even if they don't care about the folk lore, they themselves would have a tough time in dealing with the stark differences.
After weighing the pros and cons, Gautam develops cold feet towards his relationship and leaves for Singapore for a year for work, leaving Roshni high and dry.
However the love story does not end here. He develops feelings towards his pretty colleague Payal (who always had a soft corner for her) while working together in Singapore. But whenever he comes close to Payal, all he can think of is Roshni. Then he realizes that Roshni is his true love and he flies back to India to declare his love.
Everything goes smooth and they decide to get married. However the carefree lifestyle that Gautam drags Roshni into takes a toll on her health and she falls sick right before the wedding. She realizes that she's too old to date a 25 year old, leave alone marry. They don't even have any common interests. Roshni then decides to call off the wedding.
Will this relationship end for good? Or should they give it a try? Read this book to know! It's a very engaging read indeed.


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