Takeout from Amritsari Kitchen, Sector 63, Noida

When you don't feel like cooking, takeout is the best option. I am a hardcore fan of Punjabi food and hence I decided to order from Amritsari kitchen. This place is quite near to my place and I received my order within half an hour.
Here is what I ordered:
Paneer Kulcha: Punjabi food is incomplete without kulcha and that explains my order. The size of the kulcha was nice and it was generously stuffed with paneer, herbs and spices. It was not too oily (which is great) and was delicious.
It was served with chhole which was nice and a great chutney. The chutney was sour and very flavourful.
Lassi: I also ordered lassi to go with the kulchha and it was nothing less than wonderful. It was sweet and creamy and refreshing. Although people who do not have a sweet tooth may not like it.
The cost was around 175 for all the above.

For main course I ordered their special Kathal Biriyani. Yes, jackfruit biriyani..groundbreaking in itself!
The rice was deliciously flavourful and the jackfruit pieces were tender and scrumptious!
This kind of biriyani I had never tasted before. It was simply out of the world!
It was served with mirch ka salan and raita. Although the rice is so nicely spiced, you won't require anything.
You can order begum ie for one or shehzada ie for 2.
Quantity for one is good.
Price: 199

The food is really great and it's a great value for price. I am looking forward to ordering again!


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