The Datsun redi GO...

When it comes to driving, its a no brainer that I just love it. I mean which guy (adventure seeking) does not? I learnt riding my own two wheeler when I was very young. I learnt driving during my high school. The addiction of a four wheeler is too much. The comfort and safety of a four wheeler made me forgot my two wheeler absolutely. Since then I have owned and driven many cars. Now my love for travel blogging has infused the love for road trips in me. Now I want to buy a car that is perfect for long drives. I just came across the new Datsun redi Go which seems simply perfect.

My wife's birthday is just round the corner. I am planning a trip to Landsowne. Nestled in the lap of Himalayas, it a seven hour road trip from Delhi. And I feel the Datsun redi Go would be my perfect companion. It is a unique fusion of compact crossover and urban hatchback, offering the best of both worlds. The features which make me feel so are:

Best in Class Ground Clearance:

Riding on the hills requires good ground clearance. I mean the swinging and winding roads are not part of any highway. There are rocks on such roads, sometimes streams flowing and sometimes tree branches et al. The Himalayas being so prone to landslides have boulders on the roads anytime. So I need a car in which I don't have to worry about ground clearance. That is the foremost feature that I am looking for in my car.

Smart and Efficient Performance: 

Excellent Mileage and Small Turning radius:

What is the foremost requirement in a car which you plan to take for a long drive? Of course mileage! If my car doe not have a good average, then the trip would become very expensive. The Datsun Redi go has the best in class mileage. At 799 cc, it has a jaw dropping average of 25.17 km/litre! Whoa is not that impressive? I mean going on a long drive for me it means filling your car's tank and not having to worry when it would vanish! Especially if I am taking my car to the Himalayas, I don't want to worry about refuelling. Petrol pumps are not that frequent on the roads and the last thing I want is to run out of fuel! Such an awesome average means staying out on the road longer and staying out more.
It has a 4.7 metre turning radius. The compact design of the Datsun redi Go provides the ultimate manoeuverability. Driving on the hills becomes a lot easier with this feature.

Drive Computer:

What you don't want to do on a road trip is to take out pen and paper or calculator rather to find out how economically you are driving or what is your fuel economy. The datsun redi Go solves it all! Instantaneous to average mileage, distance to empty, fuel remaining and much more is displayed right in front of your eyes!

Coming back to driving in my city Delhi...the place where I would drive the maximum. In a busy and chaotic city like Delhi, people usually spend one third of their lives driving, stuck in a jam, etc etc. I don't like sedans as they are difficult to manoeuver in narrow, crowded streets. The Datsun redi Go solves my urban driving woes. With such a small turning radius, shift indicator and head lamps design, its so easy to drive in the city. Also its superior air conditioning, fabulous audio system, comfortable interiors and such luxurious seats ensure that I have a good time inside my car even when I am stuck in a jam!

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.I am ready to take it out for a spin!


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