Choose the career of your dreams; not your Parents'

Its my passion to cure the sick...

Do you plan to follow your parents footsteps? Or are you brave enough to pursue your heart? Well I begged to differ. My parents were academicians. But I chose to become a doctor.

If you are thinking of choosing a career for yourself and your parents are pressurizing to follow them, here are five reasons you should not.

1. There is a whole world outside IIT and eminent universities like Delhi Universities. These institutes no longer rule the roost or are the sole place to be.

2. Times have changed. There are thousands of career options now. Paths that were non existent in the eighties have become primary choices now.

3.Forcing children to inherit their parents' education is like using a using a Siemens mobile phone (with big antennae) in the era of smartphones.

4. Its time you should #thinkBIG and guide your children too. Break the shackles of society and let your children breath.

5. Universities like LPU shape up your child's career like no other university. Have a look at this video and see it for yourself!

Had my parents forced themselves on me, I would not have been able to become what I am today. No doubt being a teacher is the best job in the entire world. Its through them as well as my teachers only who have made me a orthopedic surgeon to be precise. But that did not mean that I had to follow their footsteps of doing BSc, MSc and then Phd! I am really happy as to what my hard work has paid and my parents and relatives are even prouder than me!


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