Oozing sunshine, Mesmerizing beaches, Adventure sports, Never-ending deserts.... OMAN A DREAM HOLIDAY....

Oozing sunshine
Mesmerizing beaches
Adventure sports
Never-ending deserts

A beautiful country at the junction of the gulf of Oman a Arabian sea, is one of the fast growing tourist destination, as well as for jobs for Indians.

Getting Visas
The Royal Oman Police is the authority for issuing visas.
To get the latest and updated information on obtaining visa to Oman,
please visit their website below:

Oman Embassy India
EP 10 & 11, Chandragupta Marg
New Delhi

MUSCAT,  the capital of Oman is a big modern city which pampers you in all sense.
There is daily flight from Delhi to muscat which will cost you between 20000 to 22000 rupees as return ticket.
Muscat is the one of the greenest city of the middle east is is rightly called "Arabia's jewel”.
This city is a blend of the old and the new.The city has retained its old-world character. Old Muscat has a quaint charm about it with many forts, castles, mosques and towers doting the landscape. Of particular note are Jalali and Mirani forts flanking Al Alam Palace.The old souq of Muttrah is an ideal spot for tourists to buy keepsakes and treasures. 
And not to miss the world class luxary hotels of Muscat
Wahiba sands during the sunset. You can see the full sun going down and the reflection of the sands like gold in your eyes.   
In Qantab just before reaching the beach there is a left turn among the mountains. You can see part of the see with the huge rocks and set under the shadow of these rocks 
In Khareef Salalah. Im maghseil specifically. You can get on a mountain there and see both green land and the see while enjoying the cold giggling breeze. 
In the interiors among the palm date trees next to the falaj 


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