INDIA is a country of 1.25 billion people, a large land, with periodic weather change and diversity. You get every thing here at the same place.... the snow clad mountain in the north, to the great sandy desert in the west, beautiful Indian ocean in the south to the deep sea in the west and east of peninsula. Earlier most of our vacations were to the religious places. We were not travellers in true sense, but things have changed in the past few years. With advent of social networks the world has shrunk. The middle class of India has opened up more for travelling and lucrative offers from the tour and travel agencies have added spice to it.


  • BUSINESS TOURS..... Ever since the Indian market opened to the foreign investors, there was a storm of multi national companies in Indian. Most of these MNCs have their head office abroad, and regional offices in the Indian metro cities.This made travelling of the working class more frequent and enlarged their horizon.

  • LOW COST AIRLINES..... AND HIGH SPEED TRAINS...... the introduction of low cost airlines in 2003, was a revolution. It made travel cheaper, fast and affordable, in last few years the foreign airlines has also seized to the opportunity and promoting Indian travellers  to hop on to exotic locations. Addition  of the duronto, more rajhdhani trains and the shatabdi trains, as well as the konkan and Srinagar railway projects has given more opportunities to Indian travellers.

  • SOCIO-ECONOMIC REFORM AND INTERNET SOCIALIZATION........ I think this is one of the most important factor for a break through in Indian tourist. The increased buying capacity of young Indians, has given courage to them to spend on travelling. Other important factor is socialization through Internet, looking at the blogs and the pics of the people you know travelling to exotic destination. this has unleash the inner desire and to travel more often.
  • RELIGIOUS DESTINATION....... is still the leading reason of travel for an average Indian when they get time. It is mostly in the near by places... but the most favoured destinations are..... vaishnav devi, amarnath, ajmer shareed, haji Ali, chaar dham, tirupati...... Haj yatra is another major source of Indian travellers going to the secret land.... A land of origin of hindusm, jainism, budhism....., no wonder India is the origin of religions that is followed by half of the worlds population.

  • THE INCREDIBLE INDIA....... one of the most ancient country, and a land of great diversity blended with rich cultural history, INDIA is in the itinerary of every true traveller. From the beautiful valley of kashmir to the never ending indian ocean......... , from the Mughal architectures of delhi to the great Rajputana palaces of rajesthan...... from one of the 7 modern wonder of Taj Mahal to the wonder of submerged city of Dwarika


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