PHILIPPINES............ A PEARL OF THE ORIENT SEA....... part 1

We were looking for an exotic destination for our second wedding anniversary in Feb this year, and were confused between Egypt, Bali, Turkey and Philippines. I started to have a thorough research about the financial, political, and climatic condition of these destinations.

Egypt at that was time suffering from political instability, Bali I heard gets heavy rainfall in the month of Feb, so not very suitable for travelling in this month.Few of my friends told me that Turkey would be too cold. Thus Philippines was finalised by me and my wife

We went to several tour and travel operators in our city,(Delhi), but none of them could provide an itinerary that satisfied us. So for the first time we decided not to take help of any agency and travel Philippines by our own. We went through blogs of several tourists... but our best friend turned out to be
Exploring Philippines online was the best part. We had no idea about its culture and origin before that. The more I read about Philippines the more I was attracted to this Archipelago.

The first thing was to get was a good bargain for Air tickets, and I found that the fare to Manila from Delhi ranged between 35K to 45K, I chose a day in the first week of February corresponding to the lower limit of the fare..... We planned 3 days in manila and 3 days in Cebu, so, I also booked return flight for Cebu. Looking for a good hotel was another fun, and finally we booked two good hotels(will be in other posts)

 Getting a visa for Oriental countries is a cakewalk, but beware, its not the same for Philippines, courtesy the old man sitting at the reception counter at Philippines embassy in Delhi. I cant even now understand what his real problem was (apart from his stammering English). Any way make sure that you have original bank statement with bank seal, hotel booking, flight return ticket, valid passport, foreign currency (dollar) receipt of at least one lakh rupees, your institute no objection (if employed)

We flew Manila through PAL, and was very much impressed by the tasty food served. Philippines is a group of 7100 island with several wonders in the lap of mother nature.

yoga in the pacific ocean(my favorite pic, so comes first in the blog )

the Philippines embassy in Delhi
beautiful and sweet nature PAL air hostess posing with my wife

a very tasty food served for lunch

loved the air carriage they where spot on time
the Aquino ninoy airport
Luzon island from above
the beautiful sea of palawan

Banaue rice terraces

amazing taal volcano

deep an wild taal volcanic lake

mind blowing view of taal volcano inner lake

white sand and green sea of boracay island

manila metro.... the makati city

a glimpse of spain in philippines,,,, the intra muros


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