As a small kid of 5 year I had a tendency to run away from my home and explore the banks of river Ganges. This was the biggest nightmare of my parents. Year by year the desire to explore the world became more intense, but alas, the socio-economic status of our country demands a stable career. My other desire to serve humanity made me to take medical profession as my career, and its path is somewhat in the opposite direction. It needs a lot of dedication and your full involvement with time and money. Then this beautiful girl came in my life and gave wings to both of my desires. While dating we used to explore our historical Delhi, and now we are on a path to explore the world.
A nut shell of the journey called LIFE
with my first teacher (my mom) and my  most valuable guide(my dad)
the life i choose .........surrounded by patients.....
enjoying the festival of colors ... "holi"... with my friends

then came this girl in my life

a wonderful and different marriage ceremony for me(in Bengali style)

taking blessing of  goddess durga in my home town

with my innocent mother in law and sweet father in law

with the greatest asset of my life,my critic ,my guide... my elder sister with her two talented sons...

we on a path of "JOURNEY CALLED LIFFE"


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