A day in my life in Bewakoof.com Joggers and T-shirt

Just because I travel so much, most of the people who don't know me feel that my life is easy. But what they don't understand is that in order to arrange money for travelling, I work freaking hard. I can't even take off on Sundays. However I can wear comfortable casuals on weekends thankfully. Recently I came across Bewakoof.com and really liked their wide range of casuals. I chose a cool pair of denim jeans and a cobalt blue T-shirt. The T shirt spoke my mind: Gotta Move On!

Usually my Sundays start very early...I know I don't have the privilege to sleep in. I play cricket and am part of the Delhi Medical Association cricket team. Our matches are held every Sunday, at seven in the morning. So this Sunday too I left at six in the morning to play.

After my cricket match, I had to take rounds in my hospital. That took around 3 hours and got free at 5 in the evening. But that was not all. I, being the official Orthopedician of the Delhi Dynamos Team in the Indian Soccer League had a football match to attend. Finally my day ended at ten at night.
In all I drove more than hundred kilometres along with my work. Ghaziabad to Rohini, Rohini to Patparganj, Patparganj to Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium and then back to Ghaziabad.
Thankfully my outfit was so comfortable that I did not have to worry about that.
How cool are my joggers and T-shirt?

Bewakoof.com has a huge collection of cool joggers, shirts, boxers, hoodies and pyjamas for men.

I gotta move on from negative people. So which slogan speaks your mind?


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