Book Review: Bestseller by Ahmed Faiyaz

Title: Bestseller
Author: Ahmed Faiyaz
Genre: Fiction
No. of pages: 190
Price: 295 INR Paperback

A perfect potboiler
This book is an refreshing change from the usual. It is fast and  really interesting. The story is a take on the publishing world, something that we normal people are absolutely unaware of. It's not just corporate offices that are homes of dirty politics and all. It exists in all spheres of work.
Akshay Mathur is an out of job editor from London who is given the charge of a sinking publishing house on Mumbai. His life is already a mess: he is divorced and bankrupt so he doesn't have much option but to relocate to Mumbai. But his woes don't end here. He is given a challenge to publish 5 bestsellers in a tight period of 365 days from the sinking publishing house Kalim in order to survive. With such a tight time schedule and everything against success, it's a very stressful goal. On top of that the owner Kalim, dies on his first day of joining. After that Kalim…

Book Review: Walk the Wire by Vivek Ishwar

Name of the Title: Walk the Wire
Genre: Self improvement
Author: Vivek S Ishwar
Number of Pages: 106
Price: 200 INR
About the author: Vivek S Ishwar is a coach and writer by passion, Chartered Accountant by qualification and a finance and strategy professional by profession. His book is a practical guide which would help one to achieve his/her goals more meticulously.  He has quoted numerous examples from his own life as well as his friends', making it a real life guide.
Summary: To be honest, this is the first self improvement book which I have completed. In the past, I have tried to read many but always ended up quitting them in between. However this book was a fast read and very practical and I really wanted to know the secrets of success, hence I finished this in a day.
The book starts with Maslow's hierarchy theory. As a medico, this is something we are taught at the very beginning of Psychology lessons. 'Self actualization' is the ultimate goal of life. And whatever we …

Clear all your doubts about HIV!

Ask IRA your questions about HIV/AIDS at now.

Did you know there are 2.01 million people still in India who live with HIV, or that there are about 80,000 people who get infected every year? Not to mention the overall stigma & prejudice associated with the condition which marginalizes the infected and the lack of information that perpetuates all of these.  Bad news, indeed.

Good news, however, is that HIV is preventable, manageable and a lot of it is just to do with providing people the right information with sensitivity and tact at the right time!
Introducing IRA. IRA is a conversational platform where people can seek answers to their pressing HIV/AIDS queries. She was created to help people gain information about HIV and motivate people to manage HIV responsibly. She is friendly and chatty and wants the world to be free of HIV.

Fashion for Stylish kids

Are you bored of Delhi winters? Me too! And so is my daughter. The younger one is too tiny to express anything. As we are eagerly waiting for spring, I would like to ask, what's the most exciting part of this season? Colours, my daughter said...whether be it flowers or clothes! My daughter is a fashionista herself (don't underestimate her!) and dressing her up is one of my favourite pastimes. I was searching for cheerful kid's collection when I stumbled across Cherry Crumble California. Cherry Crumble California is an adorable American collection for kids with the essential SoCal vibe. Their Spring Summer collection consists of vibrant and neon colours that breathes life into the garment. They have cute and pretty dresses for girls and smart shirts for boys, pants, shorts and all types of regular clothing for kids. Their designs are tailored with utmost care and perfection coupled with irresistible colours. Their rampant use of playful prints, ruffles,frills, embroidery can …

Dineout Hacks: Save more in the #MonthOfMore

I am not only a food blogger but an Epicurean as well. So I am constantly on the hunt to discover new places to eat , be it fine dine or budget eats. Thankfully Dineout is here which has some great hacks. 1. Sign up and get Rs. 500. 2. Refer and get Rs. 200. 3. Get an extra 5% when you add money. 4. Pay your bill through Dineout Pay and get 20% cashback upto Rs. 300. 5. Buy deals and get 20% Dineout cashback. 6. Use your HDFC Debit/Credit card to buy deals and get additional 50% cashback -- upto Rs. 75 per transaction and Rs. 150 throughout the month of February -- on the booking fees. 7. Get Gourmet Passport membership at half the price. Flat 50% off on GP throughout GIRF. Let’s try and understand this through an example.
You are planning to take your girlfriend/boyfriend out on a date. You choose the best place serving amazing food and you also choose the finest wine there is. Everything is set. The plan is on and right at that moment, you suddenly start calculating the bill roughly in your he…

Do you know the benefits of Palm Oil?

2019 is here and we all are committed to a healthier lifestyle and a better world. Aren't we? So why not switch to things that sustain both the economy and the environment more?
One of my resolutions this year is to opt for natural things. Something which is non biodegradable won't make the cut in my lifestyle. Secondly, we all should stand up for small scale industries. We should do everything and anything that supports the farmers of developing nations. In that way (even if slowly and gradually) we can expect a (sort of) equilibrium in this world. 2019 started pretty promising. The first event that I attended seemed to resonate with my New Year Resolutions. I was invited to be a part of the Palm Oil Gourmet Delights Event, organized by Malayasian Palm Oil Council. It promised to be an informative as well as an entertaining afternoon, and the event turned out way more fun filled than that! Dr Bhavna Shah, country representative of MPOC India/Srilanka opened our eyes about the be…

Home Sweet home to Smart and safe home

A boy was born free, but as soon as he started growing up, he became shackled in chains. Does this resonate with anyone? I mean we guys try to postpone 'adulting' as long as we can just because of this....'responsibility'. We may flirt and refrain from commitment as long as we can but as soon as we take the plunge of marriage or start a family ( even more serious task) we are forced to change over a new leaf and embrace our guardianship role to the fullest.

I was the youngest in my family till I decided to get married. First I was bestowed with taking care of my much younger wife and then after 3 years, I actually realized the pain of parenting...the constant worrying about the safety of my loved ones. We had to hire a nanny for some time as we both were working before my wife decided to quit working full time and stay at home. That was a brief, yet one of our toughest phases of parenting. We were new parents, my in-laws were out of town (the usual care takers of our da…