The finest bakery in Noida: Theos

I had heard a lot about Theos bakery so this Sunday I finally decided to try it out with my family. What I learnt was that apart from being a class patisserie, it serves excellent Italian. We had an awesome afternoon.
To start with, I had caprese salad. It was one of the best I have had in a long time. The broccoli and peppers were fresh and crunchy and the seasoning was flavourful. For shakes I tried the blueberry frappe. It was not too sweet and extremely delicious and filling. The quantity is quite a lot.
Then I had spaghetti Aglio olio. It was perfection. The flavours were simply irresistible.

For dessert I had blueberry cheesecake. The cheesecake melted in my mouth and the blueberry topping was absolutely delicious. I also had baklava. I have had baklava from Turkey, Iraq and Greece and I can happily declare that the baklava of Theos was as good as the Middle Eastern one!

About the bakery: They serve almost every thing you can think of. From focaccia bread to garlic ones, quiche …

My vacation wishlist with Zaful

So I think its not a secret anymore that we are wishing to go on a long vacation. For that I have been scouring for the perfect skinny distressed jeans and am happy that I found one on Zaful. Also I have a great news for you! Zaful is having its fourth anniversary sale and I could not be happier! Curating my wardrobe is usually my wife's job but this time I too decided to help her! Since it is a long trip and there are many parts of it, I decided to curate a multipurpose wardrobe. There are going to be city tours, long drives, biking and of course hiking. Each of these require a particular outfit and so these are the items that are in my cart right now. I am trying to get the best out of Zaful 4th Anniversary sale!

Camo print shorts: Shorts are a must have be it the beach or going for hiking. And camo print is simply the best.  Jacket: A jacket is a must have as everywhere in the world (barring the tropics) it gets chilly at night. So a stylish coat is necessary.

Mobiistar Selfie Phone comes to India!

It's my dream to get clicked with CEOs and founders of major brands from across the world. I get so fascinated by them. I mean they are the founders of something new and provide employment to so many people and sustain their families. The best way to fulfill this desire of mine is to attend product launches. Being a blogger I have a few privileges. I not only get to meet CEOs during product launches but also get to interview them. I have met the CEOs of Forever21, ASUS, Spawake, Bata etc etc. So when the homepage of Indiblogger flashed the launch of Mobiistar, I was super excited. It was two great events woven into one...a much awaited Indiblogger Meet and the launch of Mobiistar phone. So I would get to meet the CEO as well as witness the unravelling of a super selfie phone. Mobiistar is a Vietnamese brand which was launched in 2009 with the motto 'Enjoy More'. Their goal is to provide best features in phones to its consumers at super affordable prices. This time they are …

Why do we need a selfie?

The evolution of cameras:

Long before people used to capture memories in their brains. Visited a new place? Jotted down a travel journal. Spotted a pretty girl? Penned down a poem. Something in the society irked the citizens? Articles in newspapers were printed. However no where there was any evidence of pictures. Then the camera was invented. It was an excellent way to freeze memories/evidences even though in black and white. Gradually the camera evolved. From bulky machine like structures with separate flash to smaller gadget like equipments. Then the colour film came and it was revolutionary. Now the memories captured seemed more beautiful than real time.
From one film one photo to 36 photos in a single film. And then the ultimate revolution. Digital cameras! There was absolutely no limit to the number of pictures you could click in one go and there was no need to print them! That is when people became obsessed with clicking as it didn't involve any expense apart from buying the ca…

Why are children more prone to Japanese Encephalitis virus?

Since time immemorial, India had been known as the land of mosquitos. Although sad, but true. The reason is very simple..India's climate is very favourable for every kind of creature to survive...from humans to plants to animals to insects. We neither have harsh winters like that of Scandinavia nor scalding heat like Libya. So we are in fact blessed that we have a moderate climate. But with blessing comes bane too. Disease causing insects like mosquitoes are a part of our lives. Instead of cribbing, what we can do is that we can take utmost prevention and be healthy and hearty.

Being a father has taught me to be more responsible and protective of my family. Kids are more vulnerable to any type of disease and especially mosquito borne ones. They spend too much time outdoors and play in the bushes in the dark...which are swarming with mosquitoes. Also they are less aware how to ward them off or slap them so they are commonest victims of mosquito bites. So as a doctor and as well as a…

Its all about English Vinglish!

So the late Sridevi could go to USA without any knowledge of English whatsoever (I am referring to the movie English Vinglish) but she could never have got PR without proving her flair for this foreign language! Just extrapolating the storyline 😅 If you have ever travelled abroad, especially Europe or South America or South East Asia, you must have faced language problem. We Indians used to have a notion earlier, that it's mandatory to be fluent in English in order to explore the world. However this concept is wrong as half of the world does not even speak English! In Europe, except for the United Kingdom and Switzerland, people hardly know English! Each nation has their own mother tongue and they are very happy in keeping themselves restricted to their culture. The situation is similar in South America as well as South East Asia. In all, there are only a very few English speaking nations in the world; the major ones being United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada and of co…

The world is a beautiful place!

Broadly, travelers or tourists rather can be divided into two main categories. The vacationers and the real travelers. A vacationer looks for luxury at every corner. While a true traveler loves to navigate himself…whether be on foot or on a two wheeler. He does not believe in taking cabs or looking for comfort. I belong to the latter category.

Last to last year I went to Greece with my wife. Apart from Athens, we were supposed to explore two islands: Paros and Santorini. Paros is rather large while Santorini is small. However our itinerary was elsewise. We were just for a single day in Paros while we had 3 days in Santorini. And we had planned to explore both the islands on a two wheeler.

We had gone to Greece during its economic meltdown and I had underestimated their law. When I went to hire a scooty in Paros, they rejected me at first. Reason? My indecipherable driving license. Yes, my license was archaic. I had got it made during college time and at that period driving licenses wer…