The heart and soul of a car: Its Battery

Life is unpredictable. It is full of ups and downs, twists and turns, happy and sad moments. Had it been only smooth, there would not have been any excitement! A healthy heart ECG is up and down too...a straight line indicates death. Life is a journey and not a destination. And in order to make the most of that journey, you need the support of strong relationships.

A road trip is very similar to life. It is full of unknown curves and unprecedented traffic jams. Sometimes there may be ditches while at other times you may be cruising at 100 KMPH. Just like life, the requirements of a road trip are pretty similar. You need a good car (of course) which has been serviced recently, its tank full of gas, a stepney, a tool box and a charged battery. The car battery needs to have stamina, strength, and quality for that hassle-free road trip and these qualities are connotative of Amaron batteries.

Over the years,Amaron batteries have been known for their dependence and durable life. They last re…

Vitamin E: ''E''scape from Infertility

Free radicals. What are they? These fancy sounding words are one of the greatest threats to life. These are highly reactive molecules which damage cells and tissues. The reason is very simple. They have an unpaired electron which makes them unstable. Hence they have a tendency to combine with anything to gain stability. This in turn causes tissue damage.
Why am I speaking about this? In today's world, free radicals are the biggest threat to good health. With our lives taking an unhealthy turn everyday, it's imperative that we take care of ourselves. Free radicals are formed as a result of pollution, exposure to radiations, unhealthy diet (sans fresh and fibre rich food) and as a by product of metabolism. Free radicals cause anything from cancers to Alzheimer's disease to premature ageing. They are the root cause of almost every health derangement. What is the solution? Antioxidants and more antioxidants. Vitamin E and Vitamin C are natural anti oxidants that help fight the ba…

Restaurant Review: Karma Kismet opens in GK II

For me great Indian food resonates with Awadhi cuisine and that's what got me interested in trying out this new place. Located in the posh area of GK II, I loved the place right from the start.

I went there for lunch with a group of friends. I started with a special kind of tomato soup. The hot soup felt therapeutic to my sore throat.
Then for veg appetisers I had a special dish which I never tasted before. It was shatvari ka tikka which was made mainly of asparagus and served with avocado dip. I also had paneer tikka which was very tender and flavourful.

For non veg starters, I had kala murgh tikka. The most special part of this dish is that I had a quail egg which was soft boiled and extremely delicious. The chicken tikka pieces were black because of activated charcoal and extremely flavourful.

Outskirts of Qutab Minar

When you plan to visit the Qutab Minar but you get late, then what do you do?  Did you know that Qutab Minar closes at 5 Pm and then again reopens at 6? Well I did not! I was unlucky enough to reach there at that window period.
So what did I do? I explored the other ruins in its vicinity! Thankfully, there is no dearth of monuments in Delhi!

Coming to the outfit, what's a better way to dress up on a chilly winter evening? A warm coat and a polo neck tee! This outfit is from Blazer: Tee: Sunnies: Fastrack

The Lalit, Jaipur

Who is not fond of luxury? Well I am one person who works hard and loves to party harder to the core! So I love to indulge in luxury whenever I get to. After long hours at the hospital for weeks, whenever I take a break, I make sure that every moment of my relax time is well spent. So its a five star hotel stay for me whenever possible. I don't drink neither I smoke. So I believe that I can afford pampering myself and my family once in a while. That is why I earn! I won't say that I can afford a five star every place I go (we are frequent travelers). But whenever we stay in a luxury property, my wife keeps on raving for months! Last year we had an incredible stay in The Lalit Jaipur and it was one memorable experience! Partly because the stay was so gorgeous and partly because it was the first five star stay for our then one and half year old daughter. The Lalit Jaipur is pretty close to the airport. Having said that its situated in a peaceful area, away from the hustle bustle …



    A lesser known place right in the heart of central Delhi, Ugrasen ki bavli is a wonderful place to hang around.It was a surprise discovery for me as I did not know this place even during my 2 years of stay near connaught place.
    It is a 60-meter long and 15-meter wide historical step well on Hailey Road near Connaught Place, a short walk from Jantar Mantar in New Delhi, India. Although there are no known historical records to prove who built Agrasen ki Baoli, it is believed that it was originally built by the legendary king Agrasen during the Mahabharat epic era and rebuilt in the 14th century by the Agrawal community which traces its origin to Maharaja Agrasen.
    On Hailey Road near Connaught place Between K.G. Marg and barakhamba road

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