I have not been everywhere, but it's on my list

In India, travelling is very biased. I mean most of the people lack the the real courage to tread the less trodden path and do something groundbreaking. I mean majority of the travellers feel that way. And the uncles and aunties and bosses and colleagues who take greater pleasure in indulging in gossip than reading a travel journal; leave alone venture on a trip, would try to poke you all the time that why haven't you seen the Eiffel Tower yet! I mean haven't you faced it? Regular people know a few clich├ęd destinations like London, Paris, Switzerland and America. I have set foot on 21 countries till now, all via my hard earned money but sadly ( according to them) haven't been anywhere on the aforementioned list. I mean why should I? Is there an unwritten rule that one HAS to go to Switzerland/Paris to establish oneself as a traveller? Sorry. I don't fit into that mould. I am way too open minded to fall into a show off/ must do rut. I would rather tick places off from #T…

Real Me Pro Phone Launch

Yesterday was revolutionary in terms of technology. Real me phones launched their astounding Real me pro 2 with even more stunning features.

The event took place in Amity university which was a first of its kind. Before this a phone launch had never been conducted in a college campus. The CEO elicited that the reason is very simple. Maximum number of Real me users are the youth. And Real me has global presence....just like Amity university.
The phone was unveiled by the CEO India of Real Me Mobile. The Real Me pro 2 has some really ground breaking features...
It has been launched in 3 versions. The shocking one is :
It has got 8 GB RAM with 128 GB internal memory.
The other two versions are :
4 GB RAMwith 64 GB
6 GB RAM with 64 GB Apart from this they have a host of stunning features like 6.3 inch screen, dew drop screen, octa core processor etc etc.
In a nutshell, it's a dream come true.
However their prices are even more competitive.
The 8 GB one is priced at a shocking 18,999! Not only…

The finest bakery in Noida: Theos

I had heard a lot about Theos bakery so this Sunday I finally decided to try it out with my family. What I learnt was that apart from being a class patisserie, it serves excellent Italian. We had an awesome afternoon.
To start with, I had caprese salad. It was one of the best I have had in a long time. The broccoli and peppers were fresh and crunchy and the seasoning was flavourful. For shakes I tried the blueberry frappe. It was not too sweet and extremely delicious and filling. The quantity is quite a lot.
Then I had spaghetti Aglio olio. It was perfection. The flavours were simply irresistible.

For dessert I had blueberry cheesecake. The cheesecake melted in my mouth and the blueberry topping was absolutely delicious. I also had baklava. I have had baklava from Turkey, Iraq and Greece and I can happily declare that the baklava of Theos was as good as the Middle Eastern one!

About the bakery: They serve almost every thing you can think of. From focaccia bread to garlic ones, quiche …

My vacation wishlist with Zaful

So I think its not a secret anymore that we are wishing to go on a long vacation. For that I have been scouring for the perfect skinny distressed jeans and am happy that I found one on Zaful. Also I have a great news for you! Zaful is having its fourth anniversary sale and I could not be happier! Curating my wardrobe is usually my wife's job but this time I too decided to help her! Since it is a long trip and there are many parts of it, I decided to curate a multipurpose wardrobe. There are going to be city tours, long drives, biking and of course hiking. Each of these require a particular outfit and so these are the items that are in my cart right now. I am trying to get the best out of Zaful 4th Anniversary sale!

Camo print shorts: Shorts are a must have be it the beach or going for hiking. And camo print is simply the best.  Jacket: A jacket is a must have as everywhere in the world (barring the tropics) it gets chilly at night. So a stylish coat is necessary.

Mobiistar Selfie Phone comes to India!

It's my dream to get clicked with CEOs and founders of major brands from across the world. I get so fascinated by them. I mean they are the founders of something new and provide employment to so many people and sustain their families. The best way to fulfill this desire of mine is to attend product launches. Being a blogger I have a few privileges. I not only get to meet CEOs during product launches but also get to interview them. I have met the CEOs of Forever21, ASUS, Spawake, Bata etc etc. So when the homepage of Indiblogger flashed the launch of Mobiistar, I was super excited. It was two great events woven into one...a much awaited Indiblogger Meet and the launch of Mobiistar phone. So I would get to meet the CEO as well as witness the unravelling of a super selfie phone. Mobiistar is a Vietnamese brand which was launched in 2009 with the motto 'Enjoy More'. Their goal is to provide best features in phones to its consumers at super affordable prices. This time they are …