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My Experience with Nioxin

The time is finally here. The allotted twenty days are over. So what if I could not get by hair treated by the Wella professionals? (You can read my experience here). I got myself the fabulous home kit to use for twenty days. And here I am with my honest review.
I was given Nioxin Kit Number 6 which is for visibly thinning medium to coarse hair. Now with my crazy mornings I have very little time to follow elaborate rituals. But my better half was so persistent that I had to follow the steps...daily.
To start with the kit has three main products: Hair cleanser, scalp revitaliser and hair and scalp treatment.

PACKAGING: Elegant white bottles. The scalp and hair treatment bottle is a pump one.


Step 1: Wet your hair. Pour the required amount of Nioxin hair cleanser and apply on your mane. After two minutes of massage, wash off your hair. 

Step 2: Pour the required amount of scalp revitaliser and start massaging your scalp. This product is equivalent to a conditioner but the only di…

My first hero

Happy Father's day to all the fathers! Now that I am a father too, I understand the importance of this day. Like everyone else, my father is my first hero! He has been my first teacher, my first partner in kite flying and every other game, my life's first guide and my mentor. I have always looked upto him and now that I am a father too, I can feel the pressure. I love my father from the core of my heart and want my daughter to love me as much I love him. 
My father has been more like a mom to me and my sister. He always took care of us when mom was away. Once my mother got posted in another city for a year. That time me and my sister were quite small and hence required constant guidance and supervision. For that Papa (as I lovingly call him) did the unexpected. He quit his job to take care of us full time!
He used to pack our lunches, bathe us and take us to school. Homeworks had always been his department. One day he made poha for our school lunch. Poha had always been mine and…

Home fresh home

Okay so my home is definitely home sweet home but sadly not as fresh as the title of my blog post! Don't get me wrong. Even if I am nonchalant about cleanliness and stuff, my wife is not so! In fact she is so obsessive about orderliness that I find it very annoying! I may not care if the carpets are vacuumed or not,utensils have been cleaned or the whether the bed has been made. But one thing that irks me and I am very particular about is the smell of our home.
Those who know me well find it very strange that I have the sniffing sense like that of a dog! If my wife does not clean up my room then it will remain as such and I won't have any qualms about it. But if by any chance I detect any smell, I may not enter my room for the entire day!
Particularly because of this reason my wife works really hard towards keeping the house clean. She is already a finicky person and despite a crazy busy schedule and a naughty infant, she manages so well! But sometimes she fails in the departmen…

My Dad My Hero

I have always been a sister's boy. Don't get me wrong, I come from a very close knit family. I love my parents to the core and vice versa. But somehow my elder sister who is three years older to me has had a special bonding with me. Since both of my parents were working, she used to take care of me, feed me, take me to school and guide me. I love her like no one else in this world.

We often give our mothers more importance than anyone else in the family. No doubt she is the one who has brought us into this world. But in this process we often tend to neglect the unsung hero, our father. Many may associate fathers with just minting money and discipline but he is the one who holds the family together. He is the backbone of any family with his firm principles and of course emotional, physical and financial support. I feel everyone went running into his arms when scared during childhood.
With so much hoopla going around Father's Day, I am sharing a short anecdote on how doting he…

Croon and Jive

The world is made for pairs. Pairs in every it the two poles of earth, two poles of magnet, man and woman, cup and saucer, nut and bolt and the list is endless. But which is your favourite pair? For me, its of course music and dance! As it is truly said, music blows our mind and dance conquers our soul, there is no sorrow in this world that can't be forgotten with dance and music! Its the best way to freshen up our lives!
When you are low after a heartbreak or bad scores in your exam; a monotonous week at the office or never ending household chores, the best way to unwind is to sweat at the pub! Music is incomplete with beats and beats have to be accompanied with steps! There may be a number of ways to freshen ourselves but for a major chunk including me nothing is more freshening than grooving to swanky beats! For that purpose I especially love going to concerts!

So according to you which is going to be your dream concert? Now let's get really imaginative here. My …

Gorgeous hamesha

I am simply not a guy who shies away from using cosmetics. Okay, its a bit too much! Please don't get me wrong! I would hardly use any cosmetics if it was not for my wife! She makes me use so many things....sunscreen, facewash, cream etc, etc. If she had all her way, she would have made me take facials too! Females you know....always game for beauty treatments.

Even though skin care products are predominantly a female department, skin problems are not. Both the sexes equally suffer from pimples and blackheads. Pimples or acne are caused due to blockage of sebaceous glands causing comedones. Since oily skin secrete more sebum, it is more prone to pimples. I have been fighting these two evils since my teens. And since I have oily skin, pimples never fail to abandon me! What I have not tried...Phew! Neither does the oiliness of my skin goes nor its pimple generating nature.
Being a doctor, I always look out for meaningful ingredients when choosing a product. And when it comes to cosmet…

The Nioxin Experience