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Global Handwashing Week in Kidzania

Healthy lifestyle starts with clean hands. This is a phrase we must have heard probably thousands of times right from our childhood. And why not? Cleanliness starts with baby steps and washing hands is the foremost step. As children, this is the first thing that we are taught and as adults, we should train our kids for the same. Last week celebrated this basic habit was celebrated at Kidzania with full vigour as it was Global Handwashing Week. We as adults, tend to forget the basic good habits but its our duty to inculcate the best in our children. We should wash our hands before and after every activity. And if it requires cooking or eating, then hands should be washed all the more diligently. Germs spread the most from touching contaminated surfaces and hence its important to get rid of germs every time you touch the handrail or pick up the phone or open the door. Global Handwashing Week was particularly celebrated and followed with full effect in Kidzania, Delhi NCR. For the uninitia…

Here's to a cleaner Delhi, Greener Diwali

I love my Delhi. I have been residing here for the past decade and love it to bits. I feel that Delhi has every potential to become a world city. Where else in India would you find such broad roads, beautiful architecture, oodles of heritage clubbed with the best educational institutes, medical facilities and job opportunities? I feel that Delhi is one of the finest examples of a perfect amalgamation of technology and history. But do we Delhiites deserve this beautiful city? What have we done till now for our city? We dump garbage everywhere, chop down trees, destroy farms and construct buildings there and do nothing positive for the environment. How long is this going to last? We are digging up our graves eventually. And with Diwali just around the corner, our city is at a greater threat. Its all over the news now that sale of crackers are banned in Delhi NCR. And why not! Delhi is amongst the most polluted cities in the world! But what's ironical is that there is no ban on cracker…

RIP Dear Laptop

The moment you choose a girl to marry, a more beautiful prospect comes your way; the moment you buy a gadget, a better one at a lower price gets launched! Its sad but absolutely true! I don't want to sound like an MCP (and neither I am) but we guys have been joking about this forever. We save so much to buy a gadget of our dreams but when we want to resale it, it hardly fetches us anything. Thinking of this, I just remembered a sad saga. I had been saving for quite a long time to buy a laptop. I was in my medical college; so cash was scarce. I planned to buy a Windows Vista laptop (Vista was hot at that time). Also laptops were pretty expensive. I mean the basic 15 inch ones used to cost nothing less than forty thousand. I had laid my eyes on one which was of fifty four thousand. So finally when the day came, I took out all my savings and proudly brought home my trendy laptop with all my pride. It was my baby. It served me well. I never had any qualms about it. Few months later, I m…

My vacation wishlist with Zaful

So I think its not a secret anymore that we are going on a long vacation. The farthest destination of our lives till date. For that I have been scouring for the perfect skinny distressed jeans and am happy that I found one on Zaful. Curating my wardrobe is usually my wife's job but this time I too decided to help her! Since it is a long trip and there are many parts of it, I decided to curate a multipurpose wardrobe. There are going to be city tours, long drives, biking and of course hiking. Each of these require a particular outfit and so these are the items that are in my cart right now.

Camo print shorts: Shorts are a must have be it the beach or going for hiking. And camo print is simply the best.  Jacket: A jacket is a must have as everywhere in the world (barring the tropics) it gets chilly at night. So a stylish coat is necessary.

A gingham shirt: A full sleeve shirt is indispensable I a man's wardrobe and gingham print is so in right now! This black and white one is a cla…

ZAFUL Launches Free Three-Day Shipping On Every Item!

We now grandly promotes you the new free shipping event. Every product that could be found on ZAFUL using the standard shipping method will now cost no shipping fee for three days. The new offer is available starting at 26th 2PM ~29th 2PM (GMT+8)
Excellent combination with Bundle sale & Free shipping A bundle sale is available during this event. Buy two items to get extra $4 off, buy three and get extra $8 off. Get huge discount with no coupon needed.
No matter what you’re looking for; No matter how low the price is; Everything will be a lot more worth to buy during this free three-day shipping event. We are looking forward to enhance our customer experience and accelerate growth by this move.
Zaful helps people around the world to save money and dress better. Hope you enjoy shopping in
Attention: 1.Free shipping is only for standard shipping . Express shipping will cost shipping fee. 2.The bun…

Home Clean Home

A few months ago, I became a proud house owner. I bought my first house..I mean a three bedroom apartment. Like every other house owner, I too spent a huge chunk of money in renovating...painting the walls in the colours of my choice (or my wife's taste rather), getting wall cabinets and closets built, new furniture and every thing that set apart our flat from others. We even got a fireplace built! Well after everything was complete, it was time for House warming or 'Griha Pravesh'. As the rituals go, after all the Puja, the family has to spend that night in the new house. So me, wife and our daughter slept on the floor of our new bedroom. (Of course none of the furniture had been shifted) Although it was kind of camping; sleeping in a new place, the morning after we woke up with a nasty surprise. Our daughter had a terrible fever and she was awfully sick.
Me and my wife realized that there were so many new elements in the house: all the woodwork, plaster of Paris art and o…

Wonderchef opens its first store in Gurugram

If you are a cook, then of course good cookware fascinate you. Even if you don't have any relationship with cooking (like me) you still have interest in cookware because believe me everyone loves to eat. And for nicely cooked food, a fantastic range of cookware is mandatory. I may not cook, but my wife is an avid food preparer and entertainer so I have some knowledge about the prerequisites of an elaborate meal. She had been a fan of Wonderchef cookware since quite long. Earlier this wonderful range of cookware was available only online. But then last Sunday, the brand opened its first outlet in North India and we could not be more excited! The cherry on the cake? Master chef Sanjeev Kapoor was coming himself to inaugurate.

Wonderchef, which is India's favourite brand of healthy cooking, opened its first store in North India, in Galleria Market, Gurugram. The store is fully equipped with all the products and very nicely decked up. Mr Ravi Saxena, MD Wonderchef Store and a food …

3x3 BL: Road To Mexico

How often do you get the opportunity to watch a basketball match of international caliber live? Very rarely I must say! Well past Sunday was rather fortunate for basketball lovers like me in Delhi NCR as 3x3BL was there in Gurugram! Yes 16 to 17 September saw basketball matches like never before!

The International Basketball Federation has granted exclusive rights to YKBK Enterprise Private Limited to bring 3x3 Pro Basketball League to the Indian Subcontinent. The motive is to build grassroot structure for 3x3 across India. It is proposed that it would be built into a franchise based professional sport; starting with 12 teams which can go upto 36 teams, in a period of 7 years.
 The younger audience is targeted through aggressive promotions on print, television and social media. This is a sure shot road to international success for pro basketball players. The winners of this League get an all expense trip to Mexico along with cash prize and international exposure. For more exciting detai…

Stay Healthy: Your Way!

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not just the absence of disease. This definition has been given by WHO, so no questions are raised. I bet maximum of you thought that health is just being disease free. But its so not true. In order to be called and felt healthy, you need to be at peace in all dimensions. Man has had a love hate relationship with being healthy. In the stone age when there were no pollution or lifestyle diseases, man used to die of infectious diseases. And now with medical science reaching newer heights everyday, men are dying from cancers and other lifestyle diseases (for which science has yet to find answers for) What we are missing is that we need to strive constantly to keep ourselves healthy. Because prevention is better than cure and of course, Health is Wealth. You won’t be truly able to decipher the importance of the second phrase unless you or some close family member of yours has been really sick. So the cardinal question …