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Why should girls do all the work?

When you treat your other half like a princess, it means you were raised by a queen. I totally believe in gender equality. If women can work and cook, then why can't we men help with household chores? Ariel India has come up with an excellent initiative of #ShareTheLoad. It's high time that we men start helping with the housework. From doing laundry to groceries, cooking to cleaning, there should not be any discrimination in gender. Because chores are chores, irrespective of gender. This #HamperOfEquality has Ariel Matic liquid detergent ( best for front load washing machines), Ariel Matic powder detergent (for top load), detergent container with scoop, laundry bag, grocery bag, apron, wooden pegs for clothes (that has batman, superman stickers on them :D), school timetable, colouring book (pictures of household chores) and an incredible message. Now that Ariel has sent over this hamper, let's really try to Share the load!
I have been brought up in a household where me bein…

Book Review: Bestseller by Ahmed Faiyaz

Title: Bestseller
Author: Ahmed Faiyaz
Genre: Fiction
No. of pages: 190
Price: 295 INR Paperback

A perfect potboiler
This book is an refreshing change from the usual. It is fast and  really interesting. The story is a take on the publishing world, something that we normal people are absolutely unaware of. It's not just corporate offices that are homes of dirty politics and all. It exists in all spheres of work.
Akshay Mathur is an out of job editor from London who is given the charge of a sinking publishing house on Mumbai. His life is already a mess: he is divorced and bankrupt so he doesn't have much option but to relocate to Mumbai. But his woes don't end here. He is given a challenge to publish 5 bestsellers in a tight period of 365 days from the sinking publishing house Kalim in order to survive. With such a tight time schedule and everything against success, it's a very stressful goal. On top of that the owner Kalim, dies on his first day of joining. After that Kalim…