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Fight Gender Inequality

I have been brought up like a typical male child. I know, this is 21st century and I hate to admit it; but its the truth. I am the youngest in the house, I have an overtly loving elder sister and my parents are overtly pampering and protective. Therefore I have never been scolded, forget helping my mother with the household chores! My father on the other hand I would say is very progressive. I have always seen him helping my mom in the house...whether be it in the kitchen, garden or anywhere. He always said that work is not gender specific; if my mom can go out to work then why can't my Dad help with the housework? Unfortunately these valuable attributes did not get instilled in me.
My parents never forced anything on me because they thought once I would start staying in hostel, I would change. They were wrong. I was sixteen and a half when I joined King George Medical College. And to my sheer luck, the amenities there are unimaginable. The cooks there used to love me as I used to …

The Datsun redi GO...