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Hexa Experience Centre: Next Level Drive

Ever since I had come back from Hyderabad, I had been thinking about my #HexaExperience. I drive a Honda Amaze and although I enjoy driving it, I keep on thinking about my Hexa stint. After coming back from Hyderabad, I have tried on my hands on a couple of SUVs but none could match Tata Hexa. I have been eagerly waiting for its launch next year.
My stars got lucky once again and Tata Motors came to my very own city! Yes, last weekend, Tata Motors prepped up the weekend of the residents of Delhi and NCR by hosting a Tata Hexa Experience Centre. Yes this time it was not only a Hexa Experience but an entire centre dedicated to Tata Hexa. Along with the car, there were a host of Tata brands and other activities which made our weekend delightful. And all this was in Leisure Valley, Gurugram. Even though it was a weekend, I had to extract time from my crazy schedule. After all I could not afford the opportunity to miss driving the Hexa. I reached in the evening when it had gone dark.

 The cen…

Gifts for the Groom

 Continuing with my Wedding series given the fact that I have been attending weddings non stop this November. After the trousseau for grooms, I come to the next very important part: gifts for the groom. A lot of guys think that grooms don't need to be gifted. I too fell under the same category before I got hitched. We used to think that if its our female batch mate's wedding, we need to gift her but the opposite if its one of our brothers. This mindset changed after I tied the knot.

When you are getting married, there are so many things on your mind. One of the primary things is that you are under a constant pressure to impress your wife. You want her to accept your family, your friends and your world. Its a lot easier when she feels that your friends care for you. Care for girls is expressed in the form of gifts. So if you present a nice, thoughtful gift, you are in her good books already!
I like cash for gifting as well as for myself. But the problem is that you…

Lights Camera Action!

 This Friday I had lunch in a filmy cafe called Lights, Camera Action in Rajoiuri Garden. The restaurant absolutely lived up to its name!
The restaurant is in B K Dutta Market which is at a walking distance from the Rajouri Metro station which is a big bonus. 

Its a total filmy cafe and you would be transported to the world of movies as soon as you enter!
There are movie posters all over the place with food twists.
The waiters wear orange Tees which have quirky messages written at the back.
The menu is shaped in the from of a clapperboard.
Music is loud and peppy.

Food: I am a vegetarian. I started with Soya Chaap which was juicy and tender. They were served in a metal angeethi.

Then had Chilli Bonda which was a Desi twist to Veg manchurian.
Chilli mushroom was spicy and deep fried..just as I like.
Veg quesidilla were good but a bit dry for my taste.

Main course: The veg biriyani was lip smacking. Coupled with Paneer Butter masala. it was heavenly. Pure Punjabi Tadka.  Raita was thick and cr…

Winter Essentials

When I was in college, I used to be fascinated by Rishi Kapoor. The reason may seem very stupid to you. I used to like his collection of sweaters. later on when I grew up, I learnt that he had the largest collection of sweaters among all the celebrities that time. I am fond of sweaters. I don't know whether my childhood favourite hero has something to do with it or its my love for winters. I am actually not made for the summers. I sweat like a pig and simply can't tolerate the mercury rising. There are so many things which can be done in winters: go on a picnic, hike, sun bathe, sight see etc etc. Thankfully I reside in Delhi where if nine months are scalding hot, the rest three months are so called that you need a good winter wardrobe. I hardly have time to shop but when its shopping for winter wear, I am game.  Here I round up few of my favourite winter styles which every guy should have in their wardrobe:

Every guy needs a leather jacket. Every single guy. Not only for warmth …

Wedding Season

I took the plunge almost six years ago! Yes I am talking about tying the knot. A marriage is a very special journey for both the individuals and it starts beautifully with a glamorous wedding ceremony. A big, fat Indian wedding is not a new phenomenon. However all the wedding trousseau is usually associated with the bride as she has lots to buy and dress up. What is generally ignored is the groom's trousseau. The boy is already so terrified with the thought of being tied down that he hardly pays attention to what he is wearing.
Times are changing. Usually the 'sherwani' for the groom is purchased from the bride's side. Only very self conscious guys are actually worried about what they would wear at their wedding. Rest of them are too absorbed in the worries of their future household and expenses to think about their attire. I too belonged to the later category. I however had faith in my wife who chose the Sherwani for me.
I don't want my fearless brothers to be solel…

Ethnic Wear for Men

I am usually in the Operation Theatre for 14 hours a day, 4 days a week; if luck is on my side. Otherwise the hours can get longer and the number of days can increase too. Rest of the three days, I am in formals (read shirt and blazer). That leaves me with absolutely a non fancy wardrobe. Its only during vacations and Pujas and weddings when I actually get to switch up my looks. Its totally opposite to my work wear but me and my family love the change. Yes, I like to dive into ethnic wear.
I love wearing ethnic. I own a lot: short kurtas, long kurtas, kurta pyjamas, sherwanis et all. However not all guy feels comfortable wearing kurtas. So here is a little guide as to how you should start building your ethnic wardrobe.
 If you are new to the ethnic trend, you can break the ice with this ethnic jacket. The blue colour is very royal and the jacket will make heads turn; whether at a wedding or at a cocktail party. Find this here.
If a full Kurta Pyjama is too much for you, then you can star…

Clean habits, Healthy You

The life span of an average human is more than 70 years. The life span in general has increased. I mean if you look 100 years back, it used be a lot less. An epidemic used to struck a village and the entire community would be wiped out. However we also have seen our grand parents and even great grandparents to have really long lives. They owe this long life to their healthy lifestyle. Waking up on time, rigorous physical exercise, clean eating, etc etc. However these two aspects are contradictory. Today life span has increased due to advancement in medical science. On the contrary, unhealthy lifestyle has thrown us into the mouth of diseases.
We are living in a garbage bin..literally. I mean we are breathing polluted air, drinking hard water, eating pesticide laden fruits and spending our leisure hours in front of the television or eating junk. While some of these are in our hands like we can avoid sitting on the couch and exercise; other things are simply out of our reach. If Delhi is…