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Book Review: City of Nine Gates by Pankaj Rajput

The protagonist of the story is a very young multi millionaire Gyan but he doesn't believe in the Almighty. This story is about the journey of Gyan to self realisation. This story is especially worth a read because it shows how a person who just doesn't believe in anything metaphysical undergoes a transformation. The author Pankaj Rajput is a financial advisor by profession but his interest lies in metaphysics and spirituality. No wonder he has ventured into the world of Vedic fiction penned down such a mystical story. 

The narration starts with the protagonist Gyan, looking at the pictures of a recently excavated 4000 year old fort. He is one of the most successful and youngest start up guys but is a historian at heart. His company imparted education at very affordable prices. His heart lies in the excavation site and waited  for everyone to vacate it. They thought the discovery to be a fort but folklore believed something else. They said that it was a temple and it was cursed…

Halloween Wishlist

The scariest time of the year is here! Its trick or treat! Yes, Halloween is just a month away. Halloween brings so many things in mind. For some its candies, for some scary movie marathon, for some its carving pumpkins while for some its going to costume parties. But one thing that you simply can’t ignore is the importance of costumes! If there is a single most favourite thing about the scariest festival of the year, then its the fun of dressing up!
Dresslily has an impressive collection for this particular day. Pumpkin themed dresses, scary face leggings, witch stockings, etc etc. Here is what I picked for the much awaited horror day!
Pumpkin print Dress: Halloween is incomplete without pumpkins. Hence an orange colured pumpkin print dress is the first thing that I would like to wear. How cute are those smiling pumpkins?
Spider Web Poncho: How cute yet creepy is this one? Get ready to engulf all the evil in your web!

Gorgeous Dresses

Hello September!! My favourite month of the year is here (after June of course)!! With a line up  of festivals and the wedding season, we girls would be needing a lot of party dresses. I just came across a wonderful site babyonlinewholesale  which has myriads of dresses! From evening dresses to prom dresses, wedding to bridesmaid dresses, it offers all! So whether its a party or a wedding, our closet woes are solved. Here a few pieces that I have laid my eyes upon.
Evening Dresses:
I am particularly fond of evening dresses and hence this is my favourite section. I love colours and this site offers beautiful evening dresses in a variety of hues. Whether its a floor length maxi dress or a shorter one with ruffles and laces,  never fails to thrill me. This Spitzenkleider is so pretty.

Bridesmaid dresses:
If its a wedding, then there have to be bridesmaids! This site offers very pretty bridesmaid dresses which can be used as evening gowns later on.

What to wear to a party?

Hello lovelies! Its late August already! Soon 2019 is going to be over! Can't believe how time flies by! Maybe because we are so engrossed in fashion! What is the best part according to you this season? For me its the season of endless parties! Those who know me they can resonate the party girl in me. However party season means a colossal closet too. We girls are always fretting : A closet full of clothes but nothing to wear! Its because we never want to repeat our looks. Also we can't even compromise on the quality of our dresses too. So there are two things: a colossal closet and secondly gorgeous clothes which are not too expensive!

Now these two conditions are kind of contradictory. For my rescue I looked up the internet for some online shopping. And guess what, I came across this fabulous website that not only has myriads of gorgeous outfits but at unbelieving discounts!

Babyonlinewholesale has hundreds and hundreds of astonishing attires which are classified into various t…

Cocktail dresses for Party season

Are you thinking what I have been thinking? The holiday season is almost here! Come November and the party season starts. There are endless weddings, thanksgiving and then Christmas and New year eve just comes swinging in! The parties start and our woes too. Yes, we girls are always wardrobe challenged. After all we can never repeat a single outfit twice. So we end up buying tonnes of clothes and yet we need to buy everytime we have to attend a function.  I too fall in the same category. Now with so many weddings in these two months, I have really run out of party dresses. So I turned to what I do best: online shopping and came across Babyonlinewholesale.

Babyonlinewholesale has a really cool collection of everything that is worn on special occasions. From wedding dresses to ball dresses to cocktail dresses to summer dresses to cocktailkleid kurz, they have it all. And the best part? They are very reasonably priced and that too at heavy discounts. the price factor is a big deciding fact…


Title: Sometimes it happens
Author: Karan Sharma
Genre: Romance, fiction
Pages: 167

This book is about Gautam, the main lead, Rohit, his best friend and Roshni, Gautam's boss and love interest. The twist in the story is that Roshni is 12 years senior to Gautam (she is his boss after all) and Gautam is head over heels in love with her.
When Gautam professes his love to his best friend Rohit, he is ridiculed and put across a series of tough situations... Which are very true and practical. The society doesn't accept such inequal relationships and even if they don't care about the folk lore, they themselves would have a tough time in dealing with the stark differences.
After weighing the pros and cons, Gautam develops cold feet towards his relationship and leaves for Singapore for a year for work, leaving Roshni high and dry.
However the love story does not end here. He develops feelings towards his pretty colleague Payal (who always had a soft corner for her) while working togethe…

What to wear to a wedding?

For the people who reside in the West, summers are the 'it' time. After braving the bitter winters for almost four to six months, they eagerly look forward to soaking in the sun. Hence they associate summers with endless soirees and parties. That goes without saying that summers are ideal for weddings too. Come June and one would start attending weddings one weekend after another. Girls are so crazy for summer weddings that they wait half a year to plan a perfect summer nuptial.
Weddings mean extravaganza and that applies for dresses as well as the decor and food and beverage. A wedding weekend does not only mean the perfect white gown for the bride to walk the isle but perfect attire for the bridesmaids, friends and family too. With so many ceremonies one may be a bit puzzled in what to wear. Recently I came across a site that has the perfect dresses for all these occasions.Babyonline dress has the perfect array of all sorts of such attires for all the occasions you can think …