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Book Review: Trending In Love by Pankaj Dubey

Title: Trending In Love Author: Pankaj Dubey Genre: Romance, Fiction No.of pages: 210 Format: Paperback

We all know that cracking the IAS exams is one of the most gruelling tasks in India. The achievers are worshipped literally like Gods. However when does one know to enter this Herculean race? Some youngsters know from their childhood that they want to become a bureaucrat (whether family history, family pressure or ambition) while some are motivated into acquiring power because of certain circumstances. This story is about a pretty girl Sanam (a Delhiite although hailing from Madhya Pradesh) and a Kashmiri boy Aamir, who hails from the politically unrest Kupwara. Sanam gets into a fight with a minister's son in her carefree days which pushes her into becoming an IAS officer so that she can teach such hooligans a lesson. Aamir on the other hand is leading his daily life in the valley amidst regular firings, unrest, tension and a 'Jihadi' environment when he is coaxed by his boss …

Top 8 Cheap Good Quality Prom Dresses 2020

(Cheap Good Quality Prom Dresses 2020) Prom is an event which will be remembered for many years. Every girl deserves to enjoy this rite of passage in a beautiful gown that is figure-flattering. Among plenty of options, finding the most popular long dresses for prom uk that have stood the test of time will allow you to be the most shining one. Some ideas for Top 8 cheap good quality prom gowns are offered, aiming to help girls draw the most attention at the special night. On this list, you'll find a unique prom dress.

1. Mermaid V-neck Good Quality Evening Dresses Jersey V-neck' - the simple dress & exposed back that looks and feels breathtaking! This best seller looks so amazing in every colour, but especially in Burgundy.

2. White V-neck Good Quality Party Dresses with Slit There's something truly magical about the simplicity of our Classic Spaghetti strap in sexy white prom dress. Let your body, and style speak ♥️ #CLASSICS

3. A-line Good Quality Party Dress Long Sl…

Book Review: Irrationally Passionate by Jason Kothari

Title: Irrationally Passionate Author: Jason Kothari Pages: 244 Genre: Autobiography, Motivational, Personal Hardbound
Who is Jason Kothari? Honestly speaking, I did not know him as a person before I picked up this book to read. However what attracted me to read this book were the subtitles on the cover: Former CEO, Former CEO Freecharge, Former CEO Valiant Entertainment, Former CEO Snapdeal. Now my eyes got wide. So Jason Kothari is the man behind the turnaround of crumbling biggies like Snapdeal and I have read so much about him in the newspapers that I definitely needed to know more about this Midas guy.
 I immediately picked up this book and started reading. Honestly it's so engaging that I could not keep it down. Every single page is awe inspiring.
Jason was born in Hong Kong and he grew up there. He had been a rebel in his childhood and teenage years. However there is a saying 'Morning shows the Day' or how a child would morph into an adult can be p…

Book review: Victims for Sale by Nish Amarnath

Title: Victims for Sale Author: Nish Amarnath Genre: Thriller Pages: 322
As the name suggests, this book is a hair raising thriller. The author is an erstwhile resident of the UK, hence her description of the neighborhoods of London and suburbs are so vivid and detailed. The book is really smart, witty and full of suspense and hence very difficult to put down.  The story is about a 19 year old journalism student Sandhya, who moves to London from India to pursue higher studies. However instead of staying in a dorm in the university campus, she chooses to live as a paying guest with an Indian family, arrangements for which she had done from India itself. However what seems like a normal family in the beginning, begins to unfold strange pages day by day. Her first sleep in that house is broken by an attack  with a knife; by the daughter of the family who is differently abled. Gradually everyday becomes an adventure in itself with Sandy getting emotionally involved and physically hurt. Her stud…