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What is the toughest part of bringing up a baby? I think its their safety and health. There are so many things that concern baby care. Fatherhood has infused tonnes of questions in me that I thought never existed. Babies bring so much responsibility. As much as they are bundles of joy, they bring with them bundles of stress too. However 20 months of fatherhood has taught me certain things that keep parenting stress at bay.

The first and the foremost thing is how to keep baby skin safe and soft.

Baby skin is way thinner and delicate than adult skin. So it needs utmost care.

The commonest concern for baby skin is diaper rash. In this civilized world, it is impossible to leave your baby free. We put them in constricting diapers all day long and don't let baby skin breathe. As a result of constant friction, the skin gets eroded. Change the diaper frequently. Let the baby diaper free during daytime.

Baby skin is more to skin allergies, sun burn, eczema and stuff. It is important to recognise the symptoms early to initiate prompt treatment. Don't ignore any signs of redness or itching. Pay attention if the baby is uncomfortable and restless.

Some babies develop cradle cap after birth. It is because of the waning maternal hormones. It is very important to take care of the cradle cap. New parents may not know how to handle it and may try to scratch it off from the baby's head. It is mandatory that no oil is applied. There are special shampoos available for this condition. After a while the cradle cap will shed off.

During winters a baby skin is more prone to dryness. It is important to keep the delicate skin moist and supple by necessary hydration. The bath water should not get too warm. Don't leave baby for long periods in the bath. Apply lotion all over the body and then cover with adequate clothing.

Prevention is always better than cure. Hence it is important to take all the necessary steps and prevent anything wrong at the very first place. Apply baby sunscreen when going out in the sun. Take umbrellas to protect from the direct heat. Massage your baby everyday with olive oil or an equally good oil like almond or coconut. It is better to stay away from chemicals and artificial things.

Taking care of my little one...

A baby is as beautiful and as delicate as a flower. Therefore we should strive to keep them safe, happy and healthy.

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