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A boy was born free, but as soon as he started growing up, he became shackled in chains. Does this resonate with anyone? I mean we guys try to postpone 'adulting' as long as we can just because of this....'responsibility'. We may flirt and refrain from commitment as long as we can but as soon as we take the plunge of marriage or start a family ( even more serious task) we are forced to change over a new leaf and embrace our guardianship role to the fullest.

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I was the youngest in my family till I decided to get married. First I was bestowed with taking care of my much younger wife and then after 3 years, I actually realized the pain of parenting...the constant worrying about the safety of my loved ones. We had to hire a nanny for some time as we both were working before my wife decided to quit working full time and stay at home. That was a brief, yet one of our toughest phases of parenting. We were new parents, my in-laws were out of town (the usual care takers of our daughter) and we had to leave our home as well as our precious, solely in the hands of our domestic help. After a couple of weeks of staying in darkness, I came to know about smart cameras and installed them in our home immediately. I felt as if tonnes of load had been lifted off from my shoulders as I could keep a tab on my home, my munchkin as well as our help's whereabouts when she was alone at our home.

A Smart camera is like that secret third eye at the back of your head. Once installed, they are connected to your WiFi. And with ACE app, you can stream live videos, take footage or pictures with your phone. In short, you can supervise your home all the time, no matter how far you are. Also you can have a mic installed camera that lets you even hear what's going on.
These make excellent outdoor cameras too. With night vision and Infra red vision, you can watch clear images even in dark light. So even in a not so safe place like Delhi, smart cameras make you feel absolutely safe.
A lazy person like me needs motivation to workout too. I love gymming but it takes Herculean effort to drive me out of my home. Because once I am out for work at my hospital, I come back late at night so I try to procastinate this process as long as I can. A smart wearable is what I need. Something motivating, constantly reminding and to some extent nagging me all the time to finish my tasks. In this case, to complete my 10,000 steps per day. Thankfully my health is being taken care of technology and I am taking care of the rest of the population :D #GetFitWithFlipkart should be everyone's everyday mantra.
My laziness can be attributed to the fact that I am a typical Libran. Although very hardworking and unstoppable once I start hustling. That being said, it's quite tough to get me rolling. Ask my wife. She just gets tired of nagging me to do some household chores. How I wish I had a genie in a bottle. Just a clap or a rub and my work would get done in a jiffy!
Thankfully I think my prayers are being heard. I don't belong to my parent's generation as it was much tougher. Alright the first part of my life has been hard but now things are shaping up in a positive way. My genie in a bottle has taken the avatar of smart homes.
Don't know what a smart home is? Devices that make a home 'smart' is Google home. It's exactly like a modern day counterpart of Genie. You can ask her to open the door, play your favourite music, turn on the air conditioner before you reach home (so that you enter a perfectly cool home after a long day), remind you to buy groceries and the list is endless. Is not this what I need in life? I always forget what all to buy from the market. #SmartHomeRevolution saves me from my wife's nagging .. every single day. And when she is fuming, I ask Google to play her favourite song and she gets pacified in a jiffy!
A smart home has smart lights too. For a forgetful soul like me who almost never switches off the lights before leaving home, this is a blessing. The Philips smart light kit has a hue app which you can install in your phone and control with it. This tiny app saves me from my wife's harsh criticism every single day. I also love the fact that I can control the brightness of my home or any particular room depending on our mood or need, on my phone.
Hence I am thankful to technology for keeping my family safe and happy as well as keeping me fit. It is very important that we stay healthy, as it is the only way by which we can guard our loved ones.


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