Yougraphy: Immortalize your memories!

How many of you love taking pictures/ selfies? I guess almost everyone! I am not into the selfie obsessing category but I am a freakingly obsessed photographer. Partly because I am a blogger and majorly because I love to capture all the beauty around me. I am fond of documenting every bit of our travels and hence that justifies the humongous amount of data on my computer. Now how many of you actually turn your digital possessions into print? I bet only a handful!

 My family has a knack of keeping photo albums. Heaps and heaps of them. However since the past five years, our travels have been extensive and hence the digital overload but no prints! The reason is very simple. No time to take them out in a pen drive and go to a studio. Suddenly all this looks so tedious; ain't it? Here comes the role of #Yougraphy by Canvera!
Canvera is an excellent venture by HP which is a one stop destination for all your photo needs. The best part? You don't have to leave your laptop/home for even a second! Yougraphy was launched in Delhi last week and photos have never seen a better life ever since!
 Printing pictures and immortalizing memories had never been so easy! You register yourself at and start browsing the products. There are myriads of formats to choose from: square pictures, Youbooks, Sharebooks, posters, canvases, calenders and lots more. All that can be personalized to the minutest of details. I personally loved the concept of Youbooks. You have the option of a hard cover which looks like a million dollar coffee table book! A sharebook has a picture printed on a high quality paper which can be tore along the dotted lines and shared with your loved ones! Not only these, there are loads of accessories too! I find the concept of hanging pictures on a rope very cute! Also they have magnetic clips, frames, Washi Tapes and the list is endless! 
 I created a Youbook with our Italian vacation pictures and a Sharebook with our Greek adventures. They arrived at my doorstep within a week in a pristine condition. Believe me, our Italian album looks like a coffee table book! I am so in love with my creations!
The only con so far? The price is a bit on the steeper side. But wait! Memories are priceless; aren't they?


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