My Next Vacation

The financial year just ended and soon summer break will begin. Not that I am a kid anymore so as to I am going to have summer vacations. But for the past few years this period has been quite crucial in our lives (me and my partner's) Because this is the time when we would usually take our year awaited exotic vacation. This year too we had been planning for a much awaited destination but not anymore. Its a bitter sweet situation actually. We don't have the money for the vacation as we have invested in something thousand times fruitful in our lives. Anyways its always tough to let go off plans. So I have been telling myself and my better half to derive happiness from the little pleasures of life.
IPL Season is already here. For a cricket buff like me  its a win win. Firstly I get to watch the matches live (remember I have been the official doctor of Delhi Daredevils for the past two seasons?) For the rest of the matches, I am glued to the television set whenever I am home. Also the number of cricket matches I have been playing have increased drastically over the last year. My better half is always grumbling that I am never home on Sundays!
So here is what my next vacation looks like: Its cricket season! Its much longer than our usual 15 day trip. I am playing cricket as much as possible. And wearing leisure wear (the ones I wear during travelling) like this cool tee from Printoctopus and my red capris.
I have recently come across this cool website and have been hooked ever since! They have such an amazing collection of everything! T-shirtsPhone coversPostersCanvas Prints & Mousepads.....all of their products carry the quirky, nonchalant vibe which screams youth or 'Delhi'. Also they are perfect for any kind of vacation. The best part? You can customize them. I have never come across so cool slogans. I particularly like the Hindi ones. Also they have some quirky yet awesome categories like 'Game of Thrones' inspired merchandise!
The quality is very soft which is much required during Delhi summers. Anyways these kind of outfits make me feel that I am already on a holiday!


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