Spring Essentials with StyleWe.com

I have been repeatedly getting requests to do fashion posts and fashion website reviews. So today I hand over to Mandira of Docdivatraveller to review a happening fashion website Stylwe.com and discuss spring essentials with StyleWe.

Hi loves! So March is here! What is synonymous with March? Of course spring! After months of cold, dark winters, its time to flaunt those legs and bask in the sun. Spring is thousand times better than summers. The heat is way less yet one can move around in breezy clothes.

So here I round up the latest Spring trends that is hot not only on its coolness quotient but also very practical and easy on the pocket!

1. Jumpsuits: Jumpsuits had been on the fashion scene forever. But its been about five years that they are really in vogue. And of course they are here to stay! They are comfortable as well as stylish! This green jumpsuit is perfect for spring!

2. Tank tops: A tank top is a must in a fashionista's closet. For spring/summers, I particularly love a Lace Tunic Top. They are revealing yet modest. However, a little colour can never harm anyone.

3. Off Shoulder Tops: Off shoulders were really big last season; they are even bigger this year! Earlier we used to associate off shoulders with party wear like gowns and cocktail dresses. But now they are omniscient in everyday wear! From tops to casual dresses to cover ups to swimwear, showing your shoulders is the latest fashion quotient! You can buy an end number of cool options!

In order to be spring/summer ready, you should prepare your skin too! The best way to smoothen your skin is waxing. It promises no ingrown hair and the skin is hair free for a long period. The best way is DIY Brazilian Wax. Also its important to moisturize the skin dequately and apply sunscreen before going out in the sun.

So in all, I guess we all are pretty spring ready! So get out in the sun and flaunt those cheerful outfits with a smile!


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