Tata Hexa Test Drive : The #HexaExperience

 Which guy does not like cars? I may not be a typical gadget guy but I am definitely into cars. I am so fond of driving that I find it almost impossible to sit beside the driver. So when Indiblogger and Tata Motors came up with the opportunity to test drive the new TATA HEXA first hand, I was pumped up. I own a sedan but my wish has always been to drive an SUV. I just hoped to get shortlisted and when I did, I was super charged up!

We reached Hyderabad in the afternoon and it was an action packed weekend! We checked into the Novotel Airport Hyderabad and our rooms waited with surprises from Tata Motors! We got a power bank and a box of macaroons along with the press kit and stationary. We quickly changed to gear up for our first session with Tata motors team at the ballroom.

The presentation began at 6 30 PM. We were briefed about the amazing features of the car. As the first look of the car was unveiled, I was smitten by its looks. For me, SUVs are always macho and the TATA Hexa took masculinity to a whole new level.

The Hexa was unveiled by whos and whos of Tata motors and they were ready to answer all our queries. Vivek Srivatsa, Richard and Ravindra Jain cleared our doubts one by one.

The first question arose : Why SUV? What makes a person choose an SUV over a sedan? Well there are so many reasons. From more number of passengers to ground clearence to heavy engine, the reasons are innumerable.

Then the very obvious one: Why the name Hexa?

. First it was supposed to be a six seater but then it was turned to a 6+1
. There are six airbags (front, Side and Curtain)

. There are six gears and a reverse gear.

Tata Hexa is a power packed mean machine loaded with adrenaline pumped features that are for a dynamic lifestyle. Its a 2.2 Diesel engine which gives a spirited drive experience. After getting acquainted with its host of impressive features, I was dying to take it out for a spin.

After the presentation the cocktail party began. Apart from good food, there was unending entertainment in the form of stand up comedy by Biswa Rath and host of other activities.

Cooling off at the Cocktail Party
The next morning we all were ready to take the Hexa for a spin. By spin it was not a spin. It was an 85 km drive one way. So that meant a total drive of 170 kms around Hyderabad. We, 60 bloggers were divided into twenty teams with three members in each team. There were twenty cars : ten Arizona Blue ( Manual) and ten Tungsten Silver (Automatic). My team got the M9 car which was Manual. My two other teammates were females who did not like driving. Hence I solely got the monopoly over the steering wheel.
Notice the landscape zooming by!
The pick up was superb. We literally glided on the roads of Hyderabad. The Tata Hexa has four super drive modes.

Auto Mode: The car is optimized to adapt itself automatically to all surface conditions. It provides a reassuring drive regardless of the road conditions.

Comfort Mode:  This one is for long drives. The engine provides precise power allowing constant cruising speeds on the highway.

Dynamic mode: In this mode the HEXA achieves maximum power and acceleration. It performs well during extreme handling maneuvers on curvy roads or while drifting. It ensures safety in adverse conditions.

Rough Road Mode: The best part about HEXA is that it allows you to explore…in true sense. You don’t need smooth highways for a smooth ride. You can take the road less taken (rocky, rough and slippery terrain) and still your ride is going to be smooth like butter! 
Since the roads were pretty wide and smooth in the beginning, I kept it on the Comfort mode. Later on as the road roughed up, I switched on to other modes and the transition was seamless. No bump, no pothole or speed breaker was uncomfortable.

The interiors:
The interiors are black with the seats in Black leather. The interiors are superbly masculine. There is a lot of leg space. The car is quite high which explains its great ground clearance. The steering is very easy to manoeveur and I had a superb drive.

The Infotainment System:
The car has 10 speaker JBL system which made the drive even more entertaining. 
Smartphone application: From Navigation Maps to Juke Car App to Tata Smart Manual App, the HEXA allows for seamless smartphone integration.
I sped very comfotably with a maximum speed of 170 kmph on the highway. The drive was absolutely smooth.

After 85 kms we reached the Hills and Valley Resort where we had refreshments while our car got ready. We got the Automatic Transmission car and I was even more excited!
Taking out the automatic car for a spin
The automatic Hexa had even better pickup. I just sped like anything and was off to a flying start!

Our journey back ended rather quickly; maybe because the road was familiar or maybe because the Automatic one was even smoother.
Too bad that we are at the last leg of the drive

 After we reached, it was time for the Off Road experience.
The Tata HEXA has features that makes it an excellent adventure car. It is built to drive on rocky roads, water, steep descents and climbs.
The Hill Hold Control automatically prevents backward slipping.  The Hill Descent enables controlled descent on inclined surfaces. The Traction Control System prevents excessive wheel slip. The ABS is with Electronic Brake Force Distribution to optimize braking distance and to ensure vehicle stability. In a nutshell, the HEXA can survive any adverse condition. Here is a glimpse of the video.

So after a drive of around 180 kms and an off road experience of 20 minutes, we were done. I had a blast navigating the Tata HEXA. I can't wait to know its price when it gets launched next year!

Its an awesome drive!
The beginning of our journey. The song Titanium was playing at full volume only to realise that when I uploaded my video on You tube, my video was muted due to copyright reasons :(

A glimpse of the Tata Hexa Off Road experience:


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