Instagram Feature Review

Social media has become an integral part of our lives. When I was in college, it was Orkut all the way. Then new platforms started erupting like My Space, Hi Five etc. The engagement of the general public (youth mainly) reached a new level with the arrival of Facebook. And bang, the virtual world became a real part of our lives.

Since the advent of Facebook, new social media channels began cropping up everyday. After I became a blogger, I came to understand these things more in detail. First it was mandatory to have a Facebook page. Then a Twitter account. Then Instagram, then Snapchat , Periscope, etc etc. Seems like there is a chance to influence at all levels of social media.

Blogmint, the very well known platform for bloggers recently started letting us bloggers monetize our social media handles. So firstly we all bloggers monetized our Twitter account. And then the latest to get monetized is my favourite App, Instagram. As soon as I monetized my account, I got three campaigns too!

Everything has an upside as well as flipside. If I am posting tens of interior pictures for a brand, its no harm. The pictures are pretty. But the flipside is that my account is predominantly a travel account. I am a globe trotter and I have thousands of followers who love to see my conquests. I post family pictures too on and off so basically its a lifestyle account. However the campaign required me to put tens of pictures. As I started posting, I started losing followers. Maybe my followers felt that I was not putting my own pictures (maybe the ones of my own home would have been better). Secondly, the caption was given by the brand. So the post looked like it was 'bought'. Thirdly and most importantly, the compensation was very meagre. I mean I risked my entire account to reach thousnads of followers at such low compensation? It is not at all justified.

So I have few suggestions before I apply for the next Instagram campaign. Firstly there should be scope of creativity so that the post should not look sponsored at the very first look. Secondly the compensation should be respectable. If I am putting efforts in posting the picture and reaching it to thousands of followers, my efforts need to be respected right? With that I am fully supportive of Blogmint's new feature of Instagram Monetization.


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