Peppy Aminabad

I was born in the holy city of Varanasi. But I consider myself from Lucknow. There is a substantial reason behind it. My medical education is from Lucknow. Yes I am a medical graduate from the elite King George Medical College of Lucknow. It is one of the five medical colleges of India which was there before India got her independence. The graduation years really shape the kind of person you are when you grow up. Since we are so naive during the school years, college has a great impact on us. In fact college is the first time when we actually venture out independently, without our parents. So its the time we develop our own identities.
Lucknow is famous for so many things. Its the city of Nawabs...everything is lavish and royal. From the food habits to architecture to wardrobes and all, everything has a 'Nawabi' flavour to it. During my MBBS years, I had explored the whole of Lucknow city by its length and breadth. From trying different cuisines to hanging out at the most famous spots, I had done it all. But I refrained from doing one major thing...tasting non vegetarian food. Here is how upbringing plays a major role. I belong to a strict vegetarian Brahmin family from Varanasi and I have always abode by that. 90% of the world famous Awadhi cuisine is peppy non vegetarian and I have not tasted it! The place that is most famous for non veg food in Lucknow is Tunday Kababi. Now there are many 'Tunday Kababis' all over India but the original one is in Lucknow. As a strict vegetarian, I did not have the courage to even accompany my meat eating friends to Tunday Kababi.

Wife gorging on peppy Awadhi cuisine...

Everyone says that marriage changes individuals. Well it holds true to a very large extent. I got married to a hard core carnivorous Bengali girl. She has never asked me to join her in her gastronomical conquests, but its me who does not like to hold her back. So last year when we went to Lucknow, I myself wanted her to get a real taste of Awadhi cuisine. And the best place to taste Awadhi chicken and all was Tunday Kababi. So me the pure vegetarian took her to Tunday Kababi, the place which I never visited after staying for seven years in Lucknow and visiting the city thousands of times after leaving it.
The place where this restaurant is situated is Aminabad. Its kind of Chandi Chowk of Delhi. With the old Muslim settlements, you would feel that you have been transformed to that era. The narrow alleys were studded with colourful clothes, trinkets, etc. My wife was elated with all those peppy items. Streetfood consisted solely of grilled meat..chicken, mutton and beef.
There were moments when I felt nauseous but I kept on accompanying my better half. Finally we crossed all the shops and were seated inside the restaurant. Everyone was gobbling up meat. My wife ordered grilled chicken, mutton kababs and sheermal. When the order arrived, she was thrilled! All the delicacies were peppy and sumptuous. She thanked me for being such a sport and taking her to one of the best eateries of India.
After we came out, my nauseating feeling went away as I was happy with what I did. I made my wife really happy.

Wife fiddling with trinkets...

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