My strength

I have always been a happy go lucky person. But that does not mean that I don't have my share of ups and downs. There are days when I simply can't find the reason to live. I feel depressed, sad and dejected. The toughest part is to drag myself out from that difficult phase. Because the moment I find something positive, I come back to my happy self again. But when my dejected phase gets a bit longer than usual, I feel stuck in a rut. That's when I realize how important it is to be surrounded by loved ones.

I have declared my undying love for my elder sister time and again . She is my backbone, my source of inspiration and motivation. Whenever I have been lost, she had brought me back on the track.

It was the final year of my post graduation. Doing M.S in Orthopedics is not a piece of cake. I used to work for about 96 hours at a stretch, rest for a few hours and then again leave for the hospital! That had been my schedule for the first two years of my M.S. But in the final year there was an extra thesis! The topic of my thesis was pretty tough and so were collecting the data for it. I was absolutely exhausted. And to top it all, my guide did not approve my dissertation and refused to sign it. Now what? I could not have chosen a new topic because that it was simply impossible. Suddenly I felt that everything was dark. The last three years of my life were going to be a waste and my dream to become an orthopedic surgeon was going to remain a dream.

Earlier whenever I was in trouble, I used to turn to my sister for solace. That time my troubles used to be of petty kind. But she was my strength nonetheless. Now my troubles were of a very serious nature but I did not have my support, my sister beside me. She was married and had shifted to Meerut.
I wanted to run to her and seek comfort but did not have time. My final exams were from the next day with no gap in between.I tried to keep my calm and continue writing my exams. We had a day off before the last exam and I made an impromptu decision. I sat in my car and took off for Meerut to meet my sister. It was a very rash decision as it was an eleven hour drive from Allahabad. I started at 4 in the evening and reached her place at 3 in the morning, fully exhausted. My sister immediately served me with her cooked food and I poured out my heart to her.

She listened to all my owes patiently and counseled me. We talked till 6 in the morning and after a quick breakfast, I left Meerut at seven in the morning. After an eleven hour drive again, I reached Allahabad in the evening. I went to sleep as I had my final exam the next day.

Surprisingly, my exam went pretty well. I was not at all expecting that to happen because I was dead tired. My viva went more than satisfactory and my guide was pretty impressed with me. He called me after the exam and willingly signed my dissertation! I was spellbound!

The day when I met my sister in the oddest of circumstances and she lifted me up from my depression is the most memorable day of my life. Because had not been her support, I would not have been able to come out with flying colours; my guide would not have been impressed and my thesis would not have been signed.  Her guidance and reassurance have made me what I am today. #Together we brother and sister can achieve anything!

Just like which fills you with optimism!


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