Chat Quikr!!

During my dating times, communication used to be pretty expensive. I mean during my medical college days i.e in the early half of 21st century. Cell phones had just entered the market and the service providers were exploiting us! Not only outgoing was expensive but incoming too made a hole in our pockets! So long chats on the phone meant draining of money of both the parties! Girls, who think of looting their other halves; are you listening?
Thank God technology advanced exponentially and our woes were solved. Not only incoming became free but also the call rates were slashed. Gradually internet became accessible on cell phones and our lives became easier.
Then with the IOS and Android boom, apps became the talk of the town. Every website started creating their apps which meant easier web navigation on our cell phones. And then started the crazy revolution! Our lives have become so easy that everything can be done on a phone! Remember the age old newspaper classified ads? Well they were pretty much like the matrimonial news which seemed distant and pretty impossible. With the IT boom websites like Quikr made selling and buying easy and convenient. And when Quikr came up with the option of chatting, there is no looking behind. This is a new era in the classifieds department.
For lovers especially the long distance ones, talking on phone got gradually taken over by chats. Not only they are more economic but confidential too. I mean would you like your roommate or mother eavesdrop your lovey dovey conversation? I had always preferred chat over anything else. The best part? You can stop when you want! Just don't reply! And the option of posting pictures anytime wins my heart hands down!
For a person trying to save, I had always used Quikr to stock up my desires. Be it motorcycle, home items to mobile phones, I have been using Quikr. And when I am done with any item of mine, I again used Quikr to get rid of it. Remember the phrase: One man's trash is other man's cash? Well seems pretty apt in this situation.
Buying and selling requires a lot of communication on both ends. But important facts often gets mixed up or misinterpreted while talking. Again a revolutionary step by Quikr...Quikr Nxt! You can chat! This allows you to chat on its mobile app, mobile site as well the desktop site! That means buying and selling can be done without any talking on the phone!!

Here is to why chatting is better than talking while buying and selling:

1. Say yes to loads of pictures! Yes, pictures from whichever angle you want! The minutest of details can be shared. Such a life saver for fussy buyers who just want to call again and again!
2.Keeping records can be so easy! All the chat history are recorded and you don't have to remember a thing! They would do it for you! You can easily compare your chats, keep a record of time, buyers, sellers, etc and so many things! Is a human brain capable of keeping track of so many things? No! but Quikr nxt, yes!
3. You can communicate at any hour of the day without impinging on privacy! Also in buses, metros and markets where the decibel level is high and you can't talk!
4. Last but not the least, your number is private! You can chat with prospective buyers and sellers without having to reveal your number, ever!

As the Quikr Nxt tagline says: No Fikar, Chat Quikr! Indeed you can talk to buyers without answering calls!


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