My Innate Navigation System

To start with, this is one thing everyone agrees that I have. Its my in built navigation system. Don’ t get me wrong, but I am not bragging. I can find the routes to unseen destinations in unknown places. I kind of have a hunch that guides me. When I travel through any place, that route gets etched in my mind.

Also I have a tendency to find out the shortest route possible. I can’t explain how and why I select a particular path but I am never wrong!Last year when we were planning our Greek trip, we had planned to ride across the islands of Paros and Santorini. In today’s world of GPS, it would not have been much of a task, but one could not rely solely on technology on an isolated island like Paros or Santorini. So what I did was I began studying the Google maps of those places. My wife was quite skeptical about our decision as well as on my navigation abilities. However she trusted my instincts as we had rode through remote parts of Goa in our last vacation. But there are an enormous difference between Goa and Greece. But insecurities aside, I kept on studying the maps thoroughly and we left for our trip without any international roaming data pack.

Our hotels had wifi but that helped me only in revising my previously studied maps. We hired a BMW bike in Paros island and we set off. Paros Island is hardly visited by any Indian. This is the very place where the Salman Khan Ayesha Takia starrer Wanted movie was shot ( a beautiful song). The Greeks there struggle with English and we did not have any hope of getting any assistance from them. Having faith in my innate navigation system and taking the name of God, we set off for exploring Paros.
I had etched out several spots to visit there. We started from our base Parikia (where we were staying), went to Kolimbithres Beach, then went to Naoussa (the capital of Paros), then a very long ride to Santa Maria Beach, then came closer to our base Parikia and enjoyed the night life of Livadia and finally back to Parikia. In short we traversed the entire length and breadth of the island in a matter of eight hours and that too without any assistance! My confidence in my own navigation instincts increased by many folds after this trip. My wife now looks at me with more respect and pride. She brags to her parents and friends about how efficient I am with maps.
The next day in Paros was smooth too with my inner GPS. Then we spent four days in Santorini island traversing the length and breadth of the volcanic island. I now plan to self drive in every coming trip of ours. Thanks to my instincts.

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